Iraq Annan meets in Geneva with Governing Council member

The two discussed the situation in Iraq and Mr. Annan’s meeting on Saturday with the ministers of China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States.Although established by the US-run Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and not democratically elected, the UN Secretariat has said it views the Governing Council as broadly representative of the various constituencies in Iraq, having both credibility and authority.In July, Mr. Pachachi, a Foreign Minister in the 1960s, led a three-person delegation to a Security Council meeting in New York, where he said the Iraqi Governing Council’s primary goal was to shorten the CPA’s duration in order to adopt a constitution and have free elections open to all.Saturday’s meeting, which will review the current situation in Iraq, consider options for the future, including security, the political transition and economic recovery in Iraq, and examine the implications for the role of the UN, comes as the United States prepares to submit a new resolution to the Security Council.According to published reports, the resolution would create a multinational force for Iraq led by Washington and authorized by the UN in an effort to win greater participation from countries unwilling to serve without UN authorization. read more