Filip Lazarov to Politehnica Timisoara

← Previous Story Slovenia without Marguc and SKube in Rio! Next Story → Women’s Youth WCh 2016: Norway VS Denmark – Russia on Brazil Macedonian left back Filip Lazarov will join the third team of Romanian Championship in the last season – Politehnica Timisoara. The 34-years old shooter was a RK Vardar Skopje captain for a long period. He spent his whole career in domestic teams including also RK Metalurg Skopje.With ambitious team from Romania contracts signed also a few Balkan guys, Serbian left wing Filip Marjanovic, Montenegrian right back Marko Simovic, Vuk Milosevic, but also Bosnian goalie Adam Savic and domestic Alexandru Guranescu. filip lazarovRK Vardar Skopje