Students to be Disciplined after Drunken Antics at Brasenose

first_imgBy Natasha Vashisht THREE students are to be disciplined after a dumbbell hit the window of a Junior Dean’s residence during a drunken prank in the early hours of Monday morning.The undergraduates, who had been drinking heavily, caused the disturbance at Brasenose College’s Frewin Annexe on St Michael’s Street at around 3am last Monday while playing with a dumbbell.Two of the students, second-years at University College, have since been banned for one year from entering the Brasenose accommodation site. The other student, a fresher at Brasenose, was allegedly threatened with being sent down.One of the Univ second-years decided to come forward on hearing that the fresher, who was not directly involved in the incident, was facing suspension and the possibility of permanent expulsion.After meeting at a club earlier in the evening, the students returned to the Brasenose student’s accommodation and decided to throw dumbbells around the courtyard. One dumbbell hit a light before another hit the Junior Dean’s bedroom window, who then came out to caution the students. The fresher was marched off while the two Univ students were free walk back to their college.Having since come forward, both second-years will be disciplined by the University College Dean.The Brasenose fresher, who is still awaiting a final disciplinary decision, said, “I don’t remember much from that night at all. I was told that one of the Univ students threw a dumbbell at the light and that’s how the Junior Dean knew we were causing a disturbance. When he asked me who I was, I did try to lie about it. I then had to see the Principal, and he said I had to be cooperative to get a more lenient punishment.”One of the Univ second-years apologised for the incident, saying, “I am deeply sorry. Although nothing was broken and nobody was injured, it was a reckless and drunken thing to do. As soon as I heard a fresher was in trouble for my actions I came forward straight away to accept the consequences.” Brasenose authorities refused to comment on the incident.last_img read more

GT Beer/Keep Your Five Alive starts Thursday

first_imgFollowing a brief lull in the indoor format, the National Gymnasium is again expected to burst alive when the 7th Annual GT Beer/Keep Your Five Alive’ Futsal Tournament commences next Thursday, with opening action beginning from 19:00hrs.Part of the action in the 2018 edition of the tournamentPromoter Kevin Adonis, speaking recently, disclosed that this year’s competition has been tailored to provide riveting action throughout the seven days; while, unlike in previous years when the top two teams were the only ones compensated, this year will see the top four teams winning cash in excess of one million dollars.Adonis said he has acquiesced to a request made by the teams, and will now reward the top four teams with cash prizes and other incentives.Another change made is that the total number of teams invited to the tournament has moved from 32 to 24, and they will be divided into 6 groups of four, with the top two from each group automatically advancing to the knockout phase, along with the best four third-placed finishers following completion of the round-robin stage.The teams invited are: Gold is Money, Sparta Boss, Leopold Street, Tiger Bay, Albouystown, BV, Melanie, Vryheid’s Lust, Avocado Ballers, Future Stars, Back Circle, North East La Penitence, Showstoppers, Broad Street, Alexander Village, GWI, Upsetters, LA Ballers, Bagotstown, Sophia, Spot 7, Charlotte Street, OL Skool Ballers, and Bent Street.Adonis added that team representatives will very shortly be provided with all the relevant information regarding group placements and fixtures, along with the breakdown of the individual prizes for the respective winners.Among the corporate entities that have signalled their intention to support the tournament are: GT Beer, Hits and Jams 94.1 Boom FM, Star Party Rentals, Royal Castle, Prime Security, Fireside Grill and Chill, Keep It Clean Car Wash, Flashback 2020, and BK. International.The defending champion is Gold is Money.last_img read more