Alfaro: “We almost made it, but this flame is no longer extinguished”

first_imgWhat did you feel in the 94th minute?The bajonazo. And that we who are outside do not run. We have fallen in the cruelest way, but if it is eliminated, be it facing an almighty team. And he who gives everything he has cannot be asked for more.Has the physical effort of the month taken its toll?Of course. And we knew it was the price we were going to pay. We knew that Barca was going to have more the ball. Courage has a price and if we get the second thing would have changed. I have been on the sides of the powerful and the non-powerful and I know that the success rate has to be very high to counteract them. But this is so.How did you see the play of the canceled goal?From the outside it seems a struggle. Yesterday I saw a struggle like that in another field and it was whistled differently. But good. I focus more on what we have achieved today Pablo Alfaro spoke after the game at a press conference. These were the ratings.Almost the mess …You are right. We almost made it. The first thing to do is congratulate Barça. You don’t know how tremendously proud I am of my soccer players. They have made a spectacular game. Face a world football totem like Barça, minimize its virtues … I have mixed feelings because the boys are sunk in the locker room. But this team has soul and football. We have made a goal, we have canceled another, we have given a post. But they have one and two and they do both. That gives you helplessness but I can’t be more proud of my club, my island and my hobby. It has been brutal. This flame there is no stopping it. We have made a King’s Cup of honor registration.last_img read more