Researchers take a step in the right direction with new selfcharging battery

first_imgYou may soon have reasons besides health and well being as motivation to get out and walk in the near future. A group of researchers at Georgia Tech have published a paper saying that they have found a way to develop a battery that can charge itself by using piezoelectric materials and simple compression to generate stored power. Simply put, this group of talented scientists have created a lithium ion battery that has the ability to recharge itself when you stomp on it.To accomplish this, the team of researchers started out by changing the way a traditional lithium ion battery works. Currently these batteries have two electrodes that are separated by a polyethylene barrier, which enables a two-step process of conversion and storage of the energy that the cell is charged with. To create their self-charging battery the Georgia Tech team experimented with replacing this barrier with PVDM, a piezoelectric material that is capable of generating a small charge when you apply pressure to it. The results were amazing, as the PVDM enabled the battery to generate and accept a charge in one step, which is said to be a first for science.What’s more interesting is the fact that the team has actually put their research theories into practice by creating and putting a few of the new batteries into field tests. By fitting it into the sole of a sneaker, the team found that a person who took a four-minute walk was able to generate more power in the battery cell than by using a traditional charging method.While this new technology is certainly in its infancy, the possibilities are incredibly exciting. Designed to run small, portable devices, it’s conceivable that you could be charging your cell phone or your watch battery just by walking to lunch instead of driving.via Phys.orglast_img read more