Specialisation key to agents survival RoomsXML

first_img“Try to be something to somebody rather than everything to nobody,” says RoomXML’s Prakash Bang (left). With Mona Tannous and Megan Patroni (Sultanate of Oman) and Mark Luckey (RoomsXML). Next door to the general practitioner you’ve been seeing for years is a cardiologist. Your doctor knows you, you’re comfortable with them, but when you get chest pains, will you go to the general practitioner or the cardiologist?This was the question posed by RoomsXML founder and director Prakash Bang in Sydney last week.His point: in order to survive being overlooked by the self-booking consumer, the traditional bricks and mortar travel agent must specialise.“You can make the pie smaller and smaller by asking yourself what is it you’re really good at,” Mr Bang said.“Try to be something to somebody rather than everything to nobody.” Mr Bang admitted this fact is sometimes “a hard pill to swallow” pointing to RoomXML’s own temptation to sell flights following growth of their core business (a temptation they resisted).According to the agent-only accommodation distributor, “It’s better to sacrifice 90 percent of the market but make sure you own that ten percent.”“It’s about doing more and more about doing less.”Within the coming weeks RoomsXML will release a new feature aimed at helping agents “take the guesswork out of the equation”. Check back on e-Travel Blackboard for more details. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: G.Alast_img read more