Xbox One will not upgrade to 12GB of RAM Microsoft confirms

first_imgFor a little while, a rumor was floating around the great wide web that Microsoft was thinking about upgrading some of the hardware of the Xbox One console before its release. Normally, upgrading the hardware of a console so soon after its reveal — especially before its debut release — would be out of the ordinary. However, mounting pressure from Sony’s PS4 being perceived as a significantly better purchase forced Microsoft to change almost everything about the Xbox One in one way or another — including its hardware specs. Now, Microsoft confirms that one thing won’t be changing: the console’s RAM.An early rumor claimed that the Xbox One would get a boost in clock speed, and the RAM would get a bump from 8GB to 12GB. About a week ago, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One’s GPU would receive a modest 53MHz boost in clock speed, going from 800MHz to 853MHz. So, it would appear that the dual-rumor of a clock speed and RAM upgrade would seem true, meaning a RAM announcement was soon to follow. Well, one did follow. Microsoft product planning manager Albert Penello took to Twitter and announced that the Xbox One would not receive a boost to 12GB of RAM. Oh well.Glad you all like headset. We’re not going to 12gb, just to be clear. Feeling great about game performance – stuff is looking killer.— Albert Penello (@albertpenello) August 8, 2013As you can see from the wording above, though, Penello didn’t quite rule out a bump to other amounts of RAM — for example, an entirely likely 3TB. The phrasing “feeling great about game performance,” however, does make it sound like Microsoft has found a sweet spot at 8GB, so those dreams of owning a game console with 1PB of RAM will have to wait for at least one more generation.last_img read more