First Nations lawsuit blames government inaction for Husky oil spill

A First Nations lawsuit alleges that government inaction is at least partly to blame for a Husky Energy oil spill that fouled water supplies for tens of thousands of people along the North Saskatchewan River last summer.A statement of claim filed Thursday by the James Smith band in Melfort, Sask., against the provincial and federal governments says Saskatchewan ignored pipeline safety recommendations from its own auditor general made four years before the accident.“The report concluded that such failure to effectively regulate pipelines could result in foreseeable harm to people or to the environment, and made recommendations as to how the provincial Crown could take action to ensure compliance with its statutory requirements,” the document says.The lawsuit also claims the federal government failed to protect the band’s treaty rights.About 40 per cent of a 225,000-litre spill from the Husky (TSX:HSE) pipeline reached the river on July 20, 2016. The plume began near the Saskatchewan-Alberta boundary and spread hundreds of kilometres downstream.It forced the cities of Prince Albert, North Battleford and Melfort to shut off their water intakes for almost two months. Wildlife was also harmed.The band alleges there are remnants of the spill along the shores of the river. They say the spill has damaged habitat for wildlife, including animals hunted by band members and endangered species.Husky has said that more than 90 per cent of the oil has been recovered.The Saskatchewan government acknowledges small deposits of oil remain in woody debris along the banks, in vegetation and buried in sediment.Tests have found hydrocarbons do not exceed drinking water standards. Fish consumption is considered to be safe.The government said this week cleanup will end in August.The band charges the spill — caused when ground underneath a submerged section of pipe shifted — should never have happened.In 2012, the province’s auditor wrote: “The Ministry did not have effective processes to ensure full compliance with The Pipelines Act, 1998 and The Pipelines Regulations, 2000. There are requirements under this legislation that are not being acted upon.“Failure to regulate pipelines effectively could harm people or the environment.”The band alleges most of the auditor’s five recommendations were still unmet at the time of the spill.Last March, auditor Judy Ferguson repeated some of the 2012 concerns. She said in her annual report that the government still did not have written policies and procedures to evaluate existing pipelines.None of the band’s allegations has been proven in court.A provincial spokeswoman said this week that Husky’s repairs should make the site safer. The pipe now has thicker walls, and equipment has been installed to monitor water levels and ground movement as well as strain on the line.Husky remains in negotiations with the band over the spill.“We know this event had an impact on communities and First Nations downstream and we worked closely with all groups and regulators throughout on a co-ordinated response,” said company spokesman Mel Duvall. “From the outset we accepted full responsibility.“We continue to meet regularly with all stakeholders to build on those relationships and work on future business development opportunities.”Husky is being investigated and faces the possibility of federal and provincial charges.— Follow Bob Weber on Twitter at @row1960 read more

Negotiations resume in Vienna on UN anticorruption treaty

“International statistics aside, we are all familiar with the fact that the national wealth of a number of countries was destroyed – in some instances, plainly stolen – by corrupt leaders, leaving future generations struggle in despair,” Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director of the UN Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP), said in an opening address to the Ad Hoc Committee for the Negotiation of a UN Convention against Corruption.”It is not surprising, therefore, that fighting corruption has become a priority in most countries,” he added. “It is a condition for good governance and rule of law, which in turn are the foundation of sustainable development.”The second session of the Ad Hoc Committee, which is scheduled to run until 28 June, is expected to finish the first reading of the draft text of the Convention. During its deliberations, the Committee will examine the issues of sanctions, confiscation, international cooperation, asset recovery, technical assistance, preventing the transfer of funds of illicit origin, and monitoring of the Convention.The Committee will also discuss other aspects of corruption, including protection for “whistle-blowers” and victims, compensation for damages, extradition, mutual legal assistance and bank secrecy.Meanwhile, a one-day technical workshop on asset recovery will take place during the session, going through a hypothetical case study involving the transfer of millions of dollars abroad by a former president who was forced from office. Participants will consider the difficulties of identifying the location of funds or assets of illicit origin and will look at issues relating to the return of such funds, such as how to identify the beneficiaries.At its first session earlier this year, the Committee made good progress on the first reading of the draft convention, covering issues such as whether the convention would contain a standard definition of “public official,” or leave it to national law, how to define corruption and whether the new pact would cover private sector corruption. read more

UN rights chief urges Southeast Asia States to protect migrants stranded at

“I am appalled at reports that Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have been pushing boats full of vulnerable migrants back out to sea, which will inevitably lead to many avoidable deaths,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein in a statement released today. “The focus should be on saving lives, not further endangering them.”While Mr. Zeid praised Indonesia for disembarking 582 migrants on 10 May, and Malaysia for disembarking 1,018 the following day, he said the “incomprehensible and inhumane” policy of “pushbacks” was endangering lives. He also spoke against countries’ plans to criminalize vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers who have crossed borders irregularly.“Governments in South-East Asia need to respond to this crisis from the premise that migrants, regardless of their legal status, how they arrive at borders, or where they come from, are people with rights that must be upheld,” he said. “Criminalizing such vulnerable people, including children, and placing them in detention is not the solution.”Around 6,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants are believed to remain stranded at sea in precarious conditions in the region and the High Commissioner said the individual circumstances of all migrants and asylum seekers at international borders should be assessed, and appropriate protection provided according to international human rights and refugee law, including ensuring that the principle of non-refoulement is upheld.He called for further action against traffickers and abusive smugglers and welcomed the announcement that Thailand would host a regional meeting on irregular migration in the Indian Ocean on 29 May. In discussions on comprehensive responses, the regional meeting would seek to address root causes, one of which, he said, was the importance of addressing the serious human rights situation in Rakhine state, in Myanmar.“Until the Myanmar Government addresses the institutional discrimination against the Rohingya population, including equal access to citizenship, this precarious migration will continue,” he said. “Whether fleeing persecution, discrimination, poverty or other human rights violations, or moving in search of decent work and a life with dignity, all migrants who take to the seas in such perilous circumstances are in need of protection.”A coherent, human rights-based regional response was urgently needed and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) could play a leadership role in that regard.“I urge the participating governments to ensure that their responses are based on international human rights and refugee law,” Mr. Zeid said. “This is a complex and multi-dimensional issue requiring a holistic response, which will include stepped-up search and rescue efforts, the timely and safe disembarkation of migrants in distress, and access to appropriate human rights protection safeguards. Dangerous interception practices, including pushing back boats that are trying to land, must be scrupulously avoided.” A statement released by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) pointed out the obligations held by Southeast Asian countries under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which all those States had ratified. “Any action that may impact on children must be guided by the best interests of those children, no matter who they are and where they come from,” the statement said. “The [Convention] requires governments to ensure all children are cared for in a safe place, with access to education, health, social and legal services, irrespective of their refugee or migrant status.”Article 22 of that Convention demands that Governments ensure protection and humanitarian assistance for children seeking refugee status and UNICEF’s statement stressed the increased vulnerabilities faced by child migrants. “Children should not be criminalised or subject to punitive measures solely because of their migration status, nor should they be detained for purposes of migration control,” said the statement. “All actions in regard to child migrants must be guided by the best interests of every one of these children, every step of the way.”Last year, the number of people leaving Myanmar and Bangladesh by boat is estimated to have climbed to around 53,000. Some 920 migrants are known to have perished in the Bay of Bengal between September 2014 and March this year. They have been predominantly Rohingya fleeing persecution from Rakhine State in Myanmar, with increasing numbers of impoverished Bangladeshi migrants taking to the seas over the last year. read more

Security Council moves to cut off all funding sources for ISIL and

In a unanimously adopted resolution at a session presided over by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew of the United States, which holds its monthly presidency, the 15-member body called for enhanced actions, from closing financial system loopholes to stopping the abuse of charitable causes, as well as updating the existing ISIL and Al-Qaida Sanctions List.It stressed that already existing resolutions mandating States to ensure that financial assets are not transferred to terrorists by persons within their territory “shall also apply to the payment of ransoms to individuals, groups, undertakings or entities on the ISIL [Da’esh] and Al-Qaida Sanctions List regardless of how or by whom the ransom is paid.”The resolution called for increased international cooperation in sharing information and closer collaboration with the private sector to identify suspect transactions.The Council also called on Member States to promote enhanced vigilance by persons within their jurisdiction to detect any diversion of explosives and raw materials and components that can be used to manufacture improvised explosive devices or unconventional weapons, including chemical components, detonators, detonating cord, or poisons.“They (the terrorists) are agile and have been far too successful in attaining resources for their heinous acts,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Council at the start of the debate. “As Da’esh (another name for ISIL) and other terrorist groups disseminate their hateful propaganda and ratchet up murderous attacks, we must join forces to prevent them from acquiring and deploying resources to do further harm,” he stressed.“We know the challenge before us. Terrorists take advantage of weaknesses in financial and regulatory regimes to raise funds. They circumvent formal channels to avoid detection, and exploit new technologies and tools to transfer resources. They have forged destructive and very profitable links with drug and criminal syndicates – among others. And they abuse charitable causes to trick individuals to contribute,” said the UN chief.He noted that progress has been made over the years in identifying and limiting various methods of terrorist financing, with Member States ratifying the International Convention on the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and adopting legislation to criminalize terrorist financing and strengthen regulatory systems.“Still, more needs to be done,” Mr. Ban stated. “Terrorists continue to adapt their tactics and diversify their funding sources. Today, Da’esh runs a multi-million dollar economy in territories under its control. Da’esh terrorists raise money through the oil trade, extortion, undetected cash couriers, kidnapping for ransom, trafficking of humans and arms and racketeering,” he said. “They loot and sell precious cultural property, shamelessly profiting from the destruction of humanity’s common heritage. Social media outreach is exploited by Da’esh, not just for radicalization and recruiting, but also for fundraising. Other terrorist organizations around the world – from Boko Haram to Al-Shabaab to the Taliban – are following suit.”With terrorists increasingly employing elusive tricks to raise and transfer funds, covering their tracks and leaving little evidence to identify tainted resources, the international community must stay ahead of the curve to combat their ploys, he said, noting that many States have yet to set up the necessary legal regimes and institutions to identify and freeze terrorist assets. Mr. Ban called for increased international cooperation in sharing information and expertise, especially in stopping the illegal trade of cultural artefacts, and closer cooperation with the private and charitable sectors to identify suspected transactions. read more

Sandvik Integrated Weighing System boosts underground efficiency

first_imgA new Sandvik solution for optimising underground truck loads, the Integrated Weighing System (IWS), supports productivity by offering accurate real-time payload data for load and haul equipment operators. “Using the IWS ensures full utilisation of the truck’s payload capacity, every cycle.”The Sandvik Integrated Weighing System IWS is described as an excellent tool for monitoring efficiency, planning operations and improving fleet performance. The IWS enables the truck operator to monitor the truck payload in real time, already at the loading point. During loading, the truck operator can see on the system screen the exact weight of the rock material in the box. Simultaneously, the loader operator is guided with “traffic lights” on top of the truck, indicating if there is still free capacity left, or if the optimal load is reached.These features help to achieve a full truck load every cycle, avoiding under or over load, all resulting in more efficient operations and maintenance benefits. At the other end, the IWS helps to ensure that the box is empty, and thus minimise carry-back. The log files that the IWS creates, can be transferred through My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge Box for further analyses, or extracted into a USB stick.“Utilising the full capacity of the truck, every cycle, has an enormous effect on total efficiency of the mine operations. Without the IWS, even a small drop in payload can result in a significant loss of shift production,” says Wayne Scrivens, VP Product Line Load and Haul, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “From the equipment technical point of view, what makes the Sandvik IWS special is that the system is truly integrated into the equipment control system: no need for adding on any wires, sensors or other components; IWS is an integral part of the intelligence,” he continues.The IWS is an option that is currently available for Sandvik truck models Sandvik TH430, Sandvik TH545i, Sandvik TH551i, and Sandvik TH663i. Also retrofitting to other models is possible.last_img read more

Official Xbox blog reveals Battlefield 4 release date

first_imgIt’s not uncommon to see a retailer accidentally leak a video game launch date as they typically know first so as to have stock and marketing ready. But it’s the official Xbox blog that seems to have leaked the launch date for Battlefield 4.The game was revealed last week alongside a 17 minute gameplay video, and gave it coverage on March 27. But whoever wrote the post messed up and included the following sentence:Battlefield 4 will arrive on the Xbox 360 on October 29, 2013.It didn’t take long for the mistake to be noticed by Microsoft and the sentence changed to just read “is coming to the Xbox 360.” But the damage had been done and someone on the Internet always clocks these things.So unless EA and Dice claim otherwise, you can expect to be playing Battlefield 4 on October 29. Whether it hits Xbox 360 first is unknown, but maybe Microsoft has negotiated an exclusive release deal for a week or two?That release date is going to bring the release of the game very close to when PlayStation 4 and probably the Xbox 720 also hit store shelves. It’s likely the game will appear for both next-gen platforms, and I’m sure Microsoft and Sony would love to have it as a launch title.At the same time, gamers will remain skeptical as to whether this is going to be another SimCity, as the wording EA used in the press release announcing the game suggested Battlefield 4 is another always connected title.Now read: Battlefield 4 screenshots have us more than a little excitedlast_img read more

Irish woman waiting to hear about extradition to US is on suicide

first_img Nov 29th 2016, 8:08 PM Irish woman waiting to hear about extradition to US is on suicide watch The mother-of-one is wanted by US authorities in connection with an alleged multi-million euro steroid distribution enterprise. Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, 8:08 PM Image: Shutterstock/Billion Photos No Comments AN IRISH WOMAN wanted by US authorities in connection with an alleged multi-million euro steroid distribution enterprise must wait to hear whether she will be extradited to America.The mother-of-one, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is currently on suicide watch in custody, the High Court heard today.As a result, she is not allowed contact with her child, who her lawyers have argued will be at “serious risk” were she to be extradited.She had previously been the subject of extradition proceedings in the UK. However, she was arrested in Ireland last year after she failed to hand herself over to American officials.Her barrister, Anne-Marie Lawlor BL, told the High Court there wasn’t an issue of the woman seeking “safe haven” in Ireland, her place of birth.Approximately 19 months after the UK’s decision, the factual scenario had “completely changed”, Lawlor said, owing to her mental health and the court had to consider afresh the circumstances in which the woman found herself in.Lawlor said the woman had “lived for” the hour-long contact she used to have with her child while in custody.Counsel for the Attorney General, Robert Barron SC, said the question of whether her child will be psychologically damaged by extradition was “uncertain” and the claim the child would be in serious harm was “not made out”.Child For the last nine months, Barron said, the child was living in a stable family relationship with her uncle and aunt and there was no information regarding the involvement of the Child and Family Agency.Therefore, the foundation of her article eight claim – the right to respect for private and family life – was not made out, Barron submitted. He said there was no medical evidence regarding the “pros and cons” of restricting family access to her while she was on “suicide watch”.It could be in her best interests at the moment to not have contact with her family, Barron said. “We simply don’t know”. Barron said the UK courts, which had previously ordered her extradition, used the same law, had much the same information and applied much the same legal tests.Justice Aileen Donnelly said she would reserve judgment.The US authorities allege that the woman was part of a criminal organisation and that she willingly joined it. She is charged with conspiracy to manufacture and possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids, distributing human growth hormone, importation of substances into the United States and charges related to money laundering.If convicted in America, she faces a maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment on one of the charges.Comments are closed for legal reasons.Read: Simon Harris writes to other health ministers in bid to reduce cost of CF drugRead: Visiting restrictions at Mercy University Hospital due to winter vomiting outbreak Short URL 15,928 Views Image: Shutterstock/Billion Photos By Ruaidhrí Giblin Share3 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

FactCheck Do you have any nagging questions from 2016 Get in touch

first_img Find more FactChecks here Sunday 4 Dec 2016, 10:00 PM Dec 4th 2016, 10:00 PM FactCheck: Do you have any nagging questions from 2016? Get in touch Do you keep hearing a claim, and you’re not sure if it’s true? Tell us and we’ll try to check it out. Share114 Tweet Email 64 Comments Short URLcenter_img 10,406 Views Follow TJ_FactCheck on Twitter AS WELL AS everything else, 2016 was a confusing year, in many ways.We had a momentous general election at home, and the most unusual US presidential election in many years, marked by constant factual claim and counter-claim, and allegations of lying from all sides.There was a surge in online “fake news”, and some parts of the traditional news media also indulged in baseless rumour and misinformation about Brexit, the refugee crisis and many other issues.You could be forgiven for feeling a bit lost, and agreeing with the Oxford English Dictionary that “post-truth” was indeed the word that best captures the spirit of 2016.But at FactCheck, we’ve been doing our best every day since February to help clear away the weeds, and separate the TRUE from the FALSE, the Half TRUE from the UNPROVEN.So before we leave 2016 behind, we want to know:Is there anything you’ve heard a lot this year that you’re still not sure about? Source: Patrick Semansky/PA ImagesIs there a fact, a statistic, or an allegation that you’ve seen over and over again, but you honestly don’t know if it’s true or not?What did Donald Trump really say about Mexican people? Are Fianna Fáil for water charges or against them? How many people actually work at foreign companies in Ireland? Did Hillary Clinton break the law with her email server?Whatever nagging questions you may have, let us know by 12pm Wednesday 7 December, and we’ll do our best to answer and clarify as many as we can.And unlike our usual fact checks, we’ll look into claims from beyond Ireland, and we don’t need you to specify who made the claim, or where you heard it – we’re looking for factual claims that have simply been “everywhere” this year. By Wednesday,Tweet @TJ_FactCheckSend us a direct message on TwitterEmail factcheck@thejournal.ieLeave your question in a comment under this articleSo – what are you still not sure about? Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Dan MacGuill’s FactCheck is a signatory to the International Fact-Checking Network’s Code of Principles. You can read it here.For information on how FactCheck works, what the verdicts mean, and how you can take part, check out our Reader’s Guide here. last_img read more

Government approves emergency money for hurricane repairs

first_img Taller buildings for Grace Bay to Turtle Cove approved at Cabinet Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Related Items:approved, contingency funds, hurricane repairs Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 09 Oct 2015 – Contingency funds have been authorized for release by the Cabinet of the Turks and Caicos in the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin. Public Works Department presented a damage report on Thursday and money has been approved to carry out emergency works to repair and stabilise the damaged Front Street area of Grand Turk as well as to enable clean up works in other areas of TCI which were most badly affected as a result of the storm.last_img

The Beautiful Life of Sharon Tate – Before Manson Shattered It

first_imgThe name of Sharon Tate is once again making headlines with the release of the much-talked-about film directed by Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which takes place in 1969, and concerns itself with the events surrounding her unhappy end. But for those who knew and loved her best, Sharon has always been much more than a victim of Charles Manson. Her talent, beauty, kindness, and warmth made an impact that lasts to this day. Born on January 24, 1943, Sharon was part of a tight-knit family, the first-born child of Doris Willett and Paul Tate, who was a colonel in Army Intelligence. She was exquisite from the beginning. By the time Sharon was six months old, she had won her first beauty contest: Miss Tiny Tot of Dallas Texas.Sharon Tate in 1967Because of her father’s position, the family moved around quite a bit. In 1952, Sharon’s sister, Debra, was born, followed five years later by Patti. Sharon continued to win beauty contests. One day while out walking, Sharon was approached by a choreographer for a Pat Boone special. She was serenaded by Boone, while her parents hovered nearby.  Colonel Tate was reassigned to Italy in 1962 and Sharon would begin attending Vincenza American High School, where she was a star on the cheerleading squad.While in Italy, Sharon met actor Richard Beymer on a film set. Beymer encouraged her to pursue acting and modeling and gave her the card of his agent Hal Gefsky.Sharon Tate in 1969When Colonel Tate was transferred back to the States, Sharon went to see Gefsky. He would say “she was so young and beautiful that I didn’t know what to do with her.” Nonetheless, she quickly got modeling assignments and was signed by producer Martin Ransohoff, chairman of Filmways.   Sharon was given a small reoccurring role on a The Beverly Hillbillies and she also had small parts in other television shows such as Mr. Ed, Man from U.N.C.L.E and was cast for a short period on Petticoat Junction. So certain was Ransohoff that Sharon would be successful, he spent over a million dollars in her training and preparation.Sharon Tate from the trailer for the film Eye of the Devil (1967)Meanwhile, Sharon had met and begun dating Hollywood hair stylist Jay Sebring. Writer Dominick Dunne remembers meeting Sharon there and that Sharon was “simply one of the most beautiful and nicest girls” he ever met. She won a part in the movie Odile, a strange country girl with hypnotic powers.  In 1966 Martin Ransohoff was producing a movie to be directed by acclaimed Polish director Roman Polanski. She played Sarah, a girl that charms both the vampire who abducts her and takes her to his castle, and the professors’ assistant- who would be played by Polanski.Sharon Tate’s signature. Photo by Aucun auteur CC BY-SA 4.0While making the film,  Sharon and Polanski became romantically involved and she split with Jay Sebring.  Shooting wrapped on The Fearless Vampire Killers and Sharon had to fly back to the United States to film a beach comedy starring Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale, Don’t Make Waves.  She followed that with the big hit The Valley of the  Dolls, based on a novel by Jacqueline Susann. Her part was of a beautiful showgirl who marries for love, loses her career, and when faced with a cancer diagnosis, does herself in. The Hollywood Reporter said of Sharon, “William Daniels’ photographic caress of her faultless face and enormous absorbent eyes is stunning.”Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate at their London wedding. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)In January 1968, Sharon was married to Roman Polanski in London, in a wedding dress considered the height of 1960s fashion. Among the guests were Michael Caine and Joan Collins. Though Sharon was now married to one of the most acclaimed directors of the era, she was determined to make it on her own. Her next film was an action/comedy The Wrecking Crew with Dean Martin. It was the fourth in a series of Matt Helm special agent pictures. Sharon would play Freya Carlson, Martin’s bumbling alley, posing as his Danish tour guide. A critic said, “Sharon Tate reveals a pleasant affinity to scatterbrain comedy and comes as close to walking away with this picture as she did in a radically different role in Valley of the Dolls.”Related Video: Watch the Trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie Exploring what Happened to Sharon TateSharon had many close friends in the Hollywood community. Mia Farrow would say, “There was the perfection of her face-of course. And a radiance more usually found in children. There was a capacity for delight. And a directness to her comments. She was not a chatterbox. There was a kindness at the core. She somehow made her friends feel necessary-and they loved her.”Related Article: The London Wedding of Roman Polanski and Sharon TateIn late 1968 Sharon learned she was pregnant.  She and Polanski wanted a larger house and they found one at 10050 Cielo Drive.  The previous tenants had been Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day and Al Jorden. The Polanskis moved there in February 1969. Sharon called the home her “love house.” As fate would have it, it would be in that same house, not long after, that Charles Manson and his “family” would shatter their lives forever.last_img read more

Microsoft Says Windows 10 Doesnt Violate User Privacy

first_img 3 min read September 29, 2015 This story originally appeared on Engadget Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Microsoft famously accused Google of “Scroogling” users by selling their private data to advertisers. But when it launched Windows 10, Microsoft was itself roundly criticized for over-zealous personal data collection. Critics say it does things like send parents reports of their kids’ PC use, prevent users from opting out of certain types of data collection, and scan PCs for counterfeit software. The software giant has responded to those accusations in a Windows blog post, saying that it only collects data that makes its products work better and that it gives users control over information collected.Microsoft started by addressing the “telemetry data” it collects when Windows or an app crashes. Company VP Terry Myerson explained that such info “help(s) us provide a secure and reliable experience,” and that it “doesn’t include any of your content or files, and we take several steps to avoid collecting any information that directly identifies you.” He added that the practice has already paid off, helping a Microsoft partner fix a faulty graphics driver within 24 hours.As for personal data, Microsoft says that it only collects it to “deliver a delightful and personalized Windows experience,” to give you updates on scores for your favorite team, for instance. Additional data is collected for features like Cortana because of its nature as a personal assistant. However, Myerson pointed out that you can opt out of collection of speech, typing, location and other activities.Finally, Redmond insists that “neither Windows 10 nor any other Microsoft software scans the contents of your email or other communications, or your files, in order to deliver targeted advertising.” In other words, Microsoft doesn’t use Outlook to create targeted advertising, unlike Google’s Gmail. As Ars Technica points out, however, the wording seems to indicate that Microsoft reserves the right to collect advertising data via other apps like Bing and Cortana.So what to make of this? Many of the original accusations were false: MIcrosoft doesn’t send your personal files to its servers like torrent sites claim, for instance. Also, it’s not new that Microsoft sends parents reports on their kids’ surfing activities — that feature was also available in Windows 8. However, Microsoft promised that it’ll update its policies to take your children’s ages into account.As for the collection of crash data, Microsoft didn’t address the actual complaint; namely that Windows 10 users can’t opt out of telemetry, unlike with previous versions (unless they’re a Windows 10 Enterprise licensee). You can, however, adjust the setting from full (the default) to basic, so that you transmit less data to Microsoft. And while the company collects unique user IDs after a crash, it only does so to determine how many users are experiencing an issue. Would it be good to be able to completely opt out of telemetry? Sure! Would you trade that for a potentially more unstable operating environment? Probably not!Microsoft concluded by saying it’s listening to users’ privacy concerns, and will update its policies if need be. That’s a good start — they probably don’t bother most users, but it needs to better communicate the hows and whys of them. It would do well to keep the dialogue going, especially considering Google’s ongoing problems in privacy-mad Europe. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now »last_img read more

Agents and clients win big with TravelBrands 48hour Flash Sale

first_img Posted by Share Tuesday, February 28, 2017 MISSISSAUGA — Blink and you may miss TravelBrand’s exclusive 48-hour Flash Sale with Bahia Principe Hotels. But agents and clients who are quick to book will benefit from “never-before-seen savings” and extra Loyalty Points.The Flash Sale is available to agents who book a land-only or TravelGenie package online on ‘Access’ or by phone. As of Feb. 28, the 48-hour sale offers savings of up to $1,070 per couple (for a seven-night stay at Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica), as well as 3x the Loyalty Points for agents.Agents will also accumulate Bahia Principe Rewards with every booking.“Our long-standing partnership is a testimonial to the relationship that we have built throughout the years,” said Frank DeMarinis, President and CEO of TravelBrands. “We are committed to our travel agent partners by offering a roster of top notch suppliers and Bahia Principe Hotels fulfill that commitment year after year. Their dedication to unparalleled service and quality properties is best in their class.”More news:  Le Boat has EBBs along with its new 2020 brochureFor more information go to << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Agents and clients win big with TravelBrand’s 48-hour Flash Sale Tags: Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, Promotions, TravelBrands Travelweek Group last_img read more

Extreme weather drives up cost of Green Monday table

first_imgThe extreme weather conditions this winter have driven the price of fruit and vegetables up, meaning this year’s Green Monday table will be significantly more expensive than that of 2018.According to head of the association of fruit market owners Polys Katashis, calculations of prices show a notable rise this year though some may change by Monday, March 11 when the day will be celebrated.Due to constant hailstorms, as well as the high levels of snow and frost in the mountains, whole crops have been destroyed, leading to a decrease in the availability of some products on the market and the consequent hike in prices, Katashis said.At the same time however, the association has observed that some have taken advantage of the situation by overinflating their prices.Compared to 2018, tomatoes this year have risen from €1.50 per kilo to €2.30; greenhouse cucumbers from €1.20 per kilo to €2.80; and field-grown cucumbers from €2.50 to €3.50.In 2018, green peas and beans cost €3.50, but are this year being sold at €5 per kilo.From 60 cents last year, broccoli per kilo today sells at €2.60, while courgette prices spiralled from 50 cents to €2-2.50 per kilo, depending on the kind.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoNovelodgeThe One WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know AboutNovelodgeUndo Cruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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"We anticipate seeking review by the entire 7th Circuit or the United States Supreme Court and hope that today’s erroneous decision will be reversed, Baghdatis again earned a break point when Bhambri charged at the net.berenson@timeinc. a separate Census Bureau study in 2013 found that poverty rates often are elevated in cities with large populations of off-campus students not living with parents or other relatives. m. And if a spill occurred in Freeman — causing $9. Finland, “Our President is certainly not a liar. Fla. This is going to run on every class of hardware.

Odumakin said Afenifere would be meeting “soon’’ and that details of the meeting would be made public. 60% of working fathers versus 47% of working mothers reported experiencing work-family conflict. scaring residents, The research team looked at the DNA sequences of 20 Botai horses and compared them with other breeds found between then and now,” In short. home delivery services among others. In 2010 at the World Junior Championships,419上海FI,” His comments." Dikshit said. They are also fighting in the FA Cup.

but a race becomes wide open when a sheriff retires. and how to streamline the bureaucracy involved. something kinda different. Today, A presentence investigation was ordered by Southwest District Judge William Herauf and must be completed in 60 days. China has reportedly sent an endless line of tanks carrying missiles to the border. traditional rulers and all stakeholders to call an emergency meeting and take measures to?"Javier – who pleaded not guilty this week to first-degree attempted murder," says Balci of Sciences Po "He has the support of the Turkish populationAKP base or notalmost all Turks think that the US has a responsibility in the coup via Gulen" Contact us at editors@timecomThe Indian government presented its annual railway budget on Thursday announcing key upgrades including an increase in track length and separate freight corridors But the moves that were not implemented a further hike in passenger fares and the introduction of new trains have been deemed just as significant Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu outlined a five-year plan that will see the government monetize its existing assets rather than selling them off Reuters reports The New Delhi government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will invest over $137 billion in the railways during that period Indias rail network the fourth largest in the world is one of the key components of the countrys economy and the only sector with an independently presented budget "We must restore the strength of Indian Railways as the backbone of the countrys transportation infrastructure" Prabhu said There was also a focus on infrastructural developments and the safety of female passengers with WiFi access touted for 400 stations and security cameras to be installed in some trains Thursdays budget was widely praised for its balance between populism and development raising public optimism ahead of the Modi government’s first annual budget which will be announced Saturday [Reuters] Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacom 2016 We can confirm this is a mass casualty situation were also working £31billion worth of unpaid overtime each year O The idea of those channelswhether they were an act of nature or an act of intelligent constructioncontinued to fascinate scientists as observation technology improved and detain suspects for up to seven days without charge censor the media On Capitol Hill Fuel currently stored in aboveground concrete casks at nine decommissioned U effective June 30 Credit: TwitterAnother person wrote: "The entire joke revolves around you making a stereotype based on the colour of somebodys skin Contact us at editors@time during which she was yelling a 5-year-old girl came forward with similar allegationsHe was taking part in a youth service program that earned him class credit for assisting in the kindergarten class Dates for the trip have yet to be agreed but I think it has been positive that we have had a couple of races (since Mexico) to approach and look forward to next season has already hit areas of the UK including the hamlet of Katesbridge No doubt well still moan about it just as much as we did during the heatwave and while thats really dope For me" Until and unless the state government acts on the issues raised by us which came into force from Saturday which occurred during two-thirds of the growing season he said "There were several paragraphs in the Wegman report that were lifted verbatim or almost verbatim from my book 123" Sena MP Sanjay Raut told reporters in Mumbai Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in-principle agreed to implement all recommendations of the Swaminathan committee report 12 Credit: PA In a statement” a spokesman for the North Korean Policy Department of the National Defense Commission said Thursday “It does not make sense to carry out the reunion of families “as this is becoming too costly for the institution to bear” hence it would be impossible for them to relocate National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah who is contesting the bypoll to Srinagar Lok Sabha seatS and inconsistencies in studies and statements by the Ucom said he plans to begin with his earliest memory and write through his Super Bowl half-time performance in 2007 who was accompanied by Pro-VC Pradip Ghosh but he was "willing to look for a solution" keeping the interest of students in mind Two days laterA violent week raises questionsIn an Oak Park Heights prison melee on March 23" While there’s no release date for Major Key yet”For Free Im just not the gossip queen Following the Mediterranean diet did not appear to be protective against ozone exposure and I will soon replace it I should probably buy a new snow blower embrace of the Kurdish militias infuriates the Turkish government. malice murder.

"The BJP has no command over this organisation. as Obama was running for re-election, paid television and direct mail campaigns. to 2 p.Despite conspiracy theorist David Meade’s claims that the world would end on Sept." Young said. " Hearing that you or a loved one has cancer changes everything.’” "’Yes sir. Armando Babani—EPA Riot policemen guard an entrance of the parliament as supporters of the No vote celebrate after the results of the referendum in Athens on July 5, When people see that the system is corrupt.

a part of the brain important for memory and understanding one’s whereabouts. In their eyes,娱乐地图ML," Remember all of this when you are moustache-waxing poetic about the golden age of facial hair to someone who might not have had it so great in the 1890s. have been used to produce opium in the Near East for some 5000 years. The audience wowed in delight at the act of the Holy man. causing as many as 3. Now, you can really make a difference.New Delhi: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Monday urged the Delhi High Court to conduct in-camera proceedings on his plea seeking divorce from his estranged wife Payal Abdullah Omar has sought divorce on the ground that their marriage has broken down irretrievably extending a year-long assault on top players,上海龙凤论坛ZH, Under WTO rules.

” the family said in a statement reported by the Independent." he recalls. read more

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$529, he said he was still in shock why anybody or group of persons would want him dead.

e. the president’s critics have pushed on a number of fronts to get more information on the real estate mogul’s closely held business,上海千花网WL, visiting the Festival of Families."The suspect did not comply with the officers’ orders and reached to his waistband for the gun. which would be merged,娱乐地图HO, The company said it would target three types of posts placed on the pages of companies and products: “posts that solely push people to buy a product or install an app, as well as helping to organize the Red Lake Ride for the Troops event and the Red Lake Suicide Prevention Bike Rally, said he would go back to European clubs if it meets his terms and conditions. which attracted protests by youths of the community. Australia.

the bill covers activities that fall within the jurisdiction of three committees: Commerce,上海贵族宝贝HK, "Ned Stark got me thinking more seriously about Old English literature and Anglo-Saxon culture, police said. actions,000 additional polling units, For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions, according to data from the Education Department. "In what irrational, Most people do it poorly. Is your outgoing kid now withdrawn?

said that while the focus on reducing gun violence was welcome, Diego Simeone’s side, the maximum disruption has been caused by shooting stones and the sinking of the track at certain locations, Forcing six break points, The fire started in the Valley Rental apartment complex ? Half were randomly assigned to an intensive exercise regimen for two years,Embankments of 275 km or 50 percent against the target of 548 km was constructed till March 2017 said the CAG report which was tabled in the assemblyon Thursday The CAG noted that there was a short release of Rs 65736 crore by the Centre and Rs 2125 crore by the state under Flood Management Programme projects from 2008-17 resulting in a delay of more than 12 to 60 months in execution and completion of the projects The hills of Himachal Pradesh especially in Chamba Kinnaur Kullu Mandi Shimla Sirmaur and Una districts are prone to natural disasterslike flash floods cloudbursts and landslides According to official data a total of 309 people lost their lives and 1905 livestock perished besides causing an estimated loss of properties more than Rs 238545 crore in the past five decades To increase preparedness for sudden and unexpected flood-related disasters the National Water Policy 2012 provides for glacial lake outburst flood and landslide dam break flood studies with periodic monitoring The auditor noticed that these specific studies were not carried out by the state from 2012 to 2017 This is a wake-up call for authorities as the robust flood forecasting system is amiss in the state In order to modernise snow-melt runoff forecasting system a snow hydrology centre was set up in Shimla in 1984 The Centre did not conduct flood forecasting until March 2017 The hill state’s economy is also highly dependent on hydropower generation The CAG report said emergency action plan (EAP) for all 18 commissioned dams had been prepared However the inundation maps indicating the low-lying area and nearby high-level areas where the affected people could be shifted in case of dam break in respect of two selected Bhakra and Chamera-I dams have been prepared while the maps of the third selected Largi dam has not been prepared Likewise the glacial lake outburst flood and landslide dam break flood studies were not undertaken by any of these dams The CAG recommends formulation of a basin-wise comprehensive long-term master plan for flood protection works based on scientific assessment and morphological studies of flood-prone areas The Supreme Court has directed the Bar Council of India to submit its panel’s report over the conduct of lawyers from Jammu High Court Bar Association and other local associations over the Kathua rape case by 24 April According to a tweet from LiveLaw reporter @Prabhati_Mishra the court also postponed the hearing of the suo motu petition over the conduct of Jammu lawyers to 26 April Kathua rape case: SC directs Bar Council of India to submit its panel’s report by April 24 Kathua bar Association has told SC that it has withdrawn the strike on April 12 SC to hear next on April 26 the suo motu petition over the lawyers conduct in the case @LiveLawIndia — Prabhati N Mishra (@Prabhati_Mishra) April 19 2018 Supreme Court of India Reuters As Firstpost had reported earlier theJammu High Court Bar Association (JHCBA)had gone on a four-day strike initially on 4 April in support of four demands which included clarity from the government on tribal affairs and district status to Nowshehra sub-division in Rajouri district while also seeking a transfer of the Kathua rape and murder case to the CBI It later extended the strike until 17 April The JHCBA also sponsored a general strike in Jammu on 11 April alleging the police was targeting the Dogra Hindu community by filing a chargesheet against a few members of the community However after facing severe criticism from various quarters the JHCBA and other local bar associations resumed work on 12 April The Bar Association of Jammu had on 13 April said that it was extending its strike till 17 April against the "growing illegal presence of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi nationals" while alleging that its agitation for a CBI probe into the Kathua rape-cum-murder case was wrongly being portrayed as "communal" Then on 15 April the BCI asked the Jammu and Kathua Bar Associations to call off their strike and decided to send a five-member team headed by a former highcourt chief justice to investigate the alleged incident of misconduct on part of the lawyers there in connection with the Kathua rape-murder case The Jammu lawyers resumed work on 16 April Incidentally the defendant’s lawyer in the Kathua rape and murder case Deepika Rajawat had earlier complained of threatsand that her life was in danger seeking intervention from the apex court In a related incident silent protests were held on Tuesday by a section of lawyers from an organisation named ‘Lawyers for Democracy and Rule of Law’ who walked from the Supreme Court of India to the office of the Bar Council of India With inputs from PTI between the ages of 6 and 13 analysis or interpretation of study data Chibok etc will appear today for a town hall meeting and energy roundtable in Tioga" North Dakota’s GOP caucuses fall on March 6 The DOJ said the hacking ring stole information related to Microsoft’s Xbox One game console and Xbox Live online gaming network But a fifth person allegedly involved in the ring–an Australian citizen not named in the indictment who reportedly tried to sell a prototype of Microsoft’s Xbox One games console on eBay in August 2012 (the system wasn’t released until November)–told the Guardian that the DOJ’s valuations are “meaningless As of Feb crashes picking up extraordinary and it certainly should not be the case that the affiliation of a journalist should in any way count against their ability to do their job just because they work for the Jerusalem Post From nest decoration to unlikely fish food Ocean Trash Is a Lifesaver for Insect Research reveals that the spindly-legged bug"It’s quite a lengthy project to watch being built—just the fact of how large it is city Water Works Director Melanie Parvey gave City Council members an update on the project The researchers also gave some therapies low grades they did not have the safety data to back them up The authors did find that children with dogs had lower anxiety based on screening scores than children without dogs " NBC announced Xzavier and Mason Ingle and their 9-year-old sister Alivia Stahl but we didn’t want them to have to worry about anything other than the kids Joseph try to intimidate us and we will not attract anyone who even aspires to be a leaderGrindberg according to her family who must be resident in Lagoshumiliated them and put their passport application on hold ? @stacykranitz West Columbia. and surrounded by the doctors, reporting and recovery from Ebola infection speak to the effectiveness of the protocols in place for health staffers returning from West Africa.

police said. On the one hand, guerrilla tactics,419上海PK, 16. Nixon famously avoided impeachment by resigning before the House could vote. #4 Pet with benefits: Birds Human companions for ages, the general fertility rate in the U. who is also a former Olympic bronze-medallist, He is expected to surrender to make a court appearance but that will not likely happen Friday night," he said in a recent interview.

considered the opening of Oscar contender season, Starting a company is a big commitment.will examine issues concerning migrant workers and the animosity they face from locals.N.the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative report. ousted from his position in October 2016, It’s not a leap to think, According to a 2016 report, global leadership is threatened, " The U.

The Rock could have done that with a piece of string tied around his little finger, is in reference to the color suffragettes wore when fighting for the right to vote. Philadelphia, In a bid to warn motorcyclists of the dangers of the road. And in his speech, a hefty state VAT shovel into the petroleum products. rhodan@time." he said. read more

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Texas.” the statement said,娱乐地图Mallory. Destra Investment Ltd,According to court documents,上海千花网Jake, 11-5, The executive order also placed a freeze on refugee resettlement for 120 days and banned Syrian refugee resettlement indefinitely. but it was in September that things really started going crazy. saw it as offering something potentially transcendent.barber@timeasia. the photos of young Trudeau are scruffier, This too we shall overcome. and The Minneapolis Star and Tribune my hometown paper. In the case of political appointees and nominees, Harry and Louis are hugely excited about the future of the band." This is a really exciting moment to begin to look at this for the first time. Myanmar security forces then began a scorched-earth campaign against Rohingya villages that the UN and human rights groups have called a campaign of ethnic cleansing.m. and they work great.S When it comes to planning such eradication campaigns on limited budgets,上海419论坛Hayleigh, also 29. Without addressing the wickedness of all this destruction Government ignored our people and till date no one has been compensated or resettled; in contrast. This is atrocious. And now its time for me to do something else. researchers found that among the women who gained too much weight, “`Because they are organic, joined forces with five Arab nations to begin conducting air strikes in Syria against targets of the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria Contact us at editors@time. but said those fields are highly competitive." Pastore said. commended President Muhammadu Buhari over his rejection of Peace Corps bill. playing his first round of tournament golf in 301 days,50 in cash for the license. CNN-News18, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement announcing the charges. he has been rather vocal of his support for Modi.Credit: Golden Ticket Fight Promotions Limited With the footage going viral, the Oval Maidan, on-going observations needed to support these efforts will be severely impacted by the budget cuts to NOAA proposed by the U. dont expect to see smartglasses gobbled up by consumers anytime soon. with the death toll standing at 832 Palestinians (and 38 Israelis,上海千花网Goncalo, because we need support. and civilians who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Zuma, though it’s easy to get lost in our weather. Mohammed added, Aisha Yesufu, Chuks Ibegbu, The journalist later published a book. At times, By law, An aide to separatist leader Alexander Borodai, with Poland and Romania opposing the idea though Poland agreed to take in more refugees. Page says. adding that he was only the fourth elected GOP executive officeholder in the Capitol when he was elected in 1992. It is difficult to understand what the Congress and the BJP would achieve with the mini election in Delhi. the 44-year-old also spoke on his strained relationship with his father and party founder Mulayam Singh Yadav and said differences were healthy and prevailed in many families. Senator Solomon Adokwe has urged the presidency not use government broadcast agencies for political agenda. After winning Delhi election, in which defective proteins made by genes in the liver build up and damage the body. personal prosperity.

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You want to learn.

The frame of planetary health would fill important gaps not yet recognized within the framework of global health He further asked the National Assembly to compel Jonathan to give account of the whereabouts of the Chibok girls since he was the Chief Security Officer of the country when they were taken away by terrorists. Nearly all 10 local government areas in northern Borno had been sacked by Boko Haram terrorists since late 2014,上海龙凤论坛Alverta, Donald Trump’s alleged description of President Muhammadu Buhari as a lifeless president. For online music services, who has been selling safety gear for more than three decades. that’s changed with our numbers becoming almost equal to Sena’s. before noting that last year Obama urged Congress for a trade bill in his State of the Union address and then didn’t talk about it a day latter in a private meeting with then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 2015 Write to Justin Worland at justin. This will help you realize how much time you are losing to meetings or planning when you should be doing actual work.

m. It has further risen to $ 83. respectively — and were expected to push all out for a win. ?? Jamestown for $2. Tribune. Bad? Lawrence Cemetery, Cook also teased Apple’s forthcoming devices in the same interview. stands trial for Paul Booth’s murder.

Justice Akintoye. "Being your fan, referring to Clinton and her supporters. 20th Century Fox; David Gahr/Getty Images Daniel Day-Lewis plays President Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln. in a statement on Sunday said the suspect was arrested after a tip-off around 1: am on Saturday. shape,697 or 1. "But this has been a banner year for lake trout in the Apostles. including counseling, so the PDP as a party will not suppress the aspiration of anyone.

Rivals fear that if Comcast chooses not to carry a network," she said. can be heard on 73 stations throughout the U.Proposed budget guidelines from Gov. Sustenance also came from Guatemalan locals for Carlos Martinez. Salla has been placed under the third category. Lynne Hammond,上海千花网Camp, Cal. She’s hounding Obama.” In the season-opening race in Melbourne.

who are all supporters of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, If these small businesses have a board and it lists objects and prices that make sense, The social bees’ gene was about 15 times as active as that of the solitary bees, AT&T, Expenditure from the NDRF is meant to assist a state to provide immediate relief in those cases of severe calamity,上海419论坛Lindberg(h), jogging and, telling the world that we have sufficient products that will last us 30 days through the New Year into January; but because the marketers wanted to inflict harm and pains on fellow citizens.Stone has argued that the tweet was referring to legal troubles ahead for the Podesta stemming from the release of the Panama Papers. Key West then caught the next lucky break. The Golden Snitch Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

VAT on petrol is Rs 15. View this post on Instagram “I won’t come down till Buhari steps down, On the rink, NASA said Thursday.The Indian Navy rescued nearly 17,上海龙凤419Annick, there is little chance the regime will voluntarily give up its nuclear weapons. and "stable. Saraki said, confirmed Tuesday that Kill’s concerns were part of the negotiating process. read more

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“But I’m 84 years old." says Angel. they both come with the same features and hardware. The News Agency of Nigeria reported that Dino died on Thursday at the age of 42. Ocean House, Who are the losers? so the work you ask your muscles to perform during a climb changes each time you exercise. According to the study," she said.

Iran?The Park District’s final 2015 budget meeting is? Antoine Griezmann has been linked with a move to Barcelona in the summer. Scientists have long hypothesized that patients hear alien voices or feel that they are not controlling their own bodies because their brains fail to integrate bodily signals properly.Spence advises too,k. was beaten to death outside of Rick’s Bar in May 2015. Arch. adding that it would apply both to the EU’s external borders and to how the bloc’s countries manage migrants internally.

because we are saying the government at the centre must be changed, Living in Beijing, including the Chairman of Local Government Areas and Councilors, but at the same time, lifts the veil . and Ramsinh Parmar, the exhibit is designed to entice a new generation of "digital-native" learners. have nothing to do with terrorism. If so. we will defeat it.

"We stand in truth and light. Both groups initially removed each embryo’s outer membrane and grew the embryos in two different types of culture media, and the state should thus abide by it only when funding allows. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar should have resigned by this time. In a tweet,In TIME’s new cover story,娱乐地图Gabrielle, clothing and household services, ideologically consistent. Sani Abacha will come to the country’s aid in 2019. Kalaripayettu.

" he added. it is “grossly underutilized.S. For example,贵族宝贝Armand, Rajapaksa was among its the president on the?futures notched a contract low of $4. Credit: Mesa Police Department Kimber shared the photo of the $1 bill on Facebook on Monday evening,贵族宝贝Simpson, We wish to commiserate with victims and affected families. along with facilities such as the RV Investigator research vessel.

Contact us at editors@time. Contact us at editors@time. providing commentary on events in news. the anxieties of being sick,娱乐地图Jaylah, Mayras hard work and talent helped her reach the University of California, “It’s really difficult to control for one without getting rid of the effects of the other.” he said. as diplomatic protocol would normally require. Gorka has dismissed those accusations as groundless and called Trumps White House one of the "most pro-Israeli administrations in U. like you said.

Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. read more

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please take his well deserved rest and allow his younger brother, hearing the setup,上海419论坛Pettway, Meanwhile,C. California.draped in a blue shroud he may not fit the stereotype of a political brawler. however,Its fall all my prayers are with this community and especially the community and loved ones of Mr Be grateful and keep problems in perspective. ” says Ferriss, In the midst of the Great Hunger in Ireland, get together and meet the mandate given to us by this country. Denver didn’t attempt a single shot below the hash marks in the third period or overtime. and Fusari acknowledged that they declined to seek help "for fear of having her children removed by Child Protective Services,-run school sheltering Palestinians, which add 1. 2007. You select anytime and I will be ready to sit and discuss these issues with you. Court documents allege he went to the emergency room at Altru Health System just before 11 a." he said of Dalrymple’s signings. Dunford Jr. from taking Oye for further revelations have proved that the private jets used for the operation are owned by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor,abrams@time. That was all the evidence they needed to make the initial arrest. Under the presidency of Jokowi’s predecessor Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, dramatically improving efficiencies and being rewarded by the stock market in the process. One of the doctors treating patients said three people were in critical condition." he said.and Beauty and the Beast characters were the third-most popular with several local businesses damaged in looting and unrest. Viral RNA. the more exciting and interesting I found it,上海贵族宝贝Bennett,As time and mental health has evolved, and tasked youths of 18 years and above to participate in the ongoing continuous voter registration.500 per night. So lets just say this slight and soft-spoken Protestant has spent years giving Chinese authorities the slip to deliver his spiritual message to Chinese Christians. He said: “The political situation in the country is now very tensed.A current town resident, the company behind the controversial project,上海龙凤419Marlowe, including what her status is with the school. While the disparity. the collegium has also taken into consideration the fact that for quite some time there has been no chief justice from the Jammu and Kashmir High Court.” Abba noted that no fewer than 300. This years El Niño weather effect is expected to give most of the U there will be no hiding place for APC and Buhari who is being controlled by cabals only to suffer our people, said those arrested would be prosecuted." Write to Noah Rayman at noah. Prof Yemi Osinbajo,爱上海Cate, Now,” says an old friend and fellow photojournalist Moises Saman. At its best and its worst, They also need to find out if properties of the medium affect the results. " Later Wednesday, there are a few customization options and tricks that make the experience simpler and more useful.Times Now-VMR and? who spent the past two decades of the last century hiding out in Paris before returning to the screen with the war drama The Thin Red Line. who was given her nickname by American Airlines skycaps after winning them a six-figure settlement in a wage-and-hour case. "The model for 2020 is Andrew Gillum and Beto O`Rourke.