British Woman Quits Her Job To Run Moroccan Animal Sanctuary

Rabat – British Moroccan mother Sally Kadaoui moves to Tangier to open an animal sanctuary.No animal is turned away from the refuge, and this means that Sanctuary for the Animals of Tangier (SFT) is home to 225 dogs, 130 cats, 27 donkeys and two wild boars. The farm is also populated by chickens, goats, rabbits, mules and owls.Kadaoui returned to Morocco to look after her animal-loving father, Abdel Kader, who died of Alzheimer’s in 2012 at the age of 72. Saddened by the treatment of street animals, Kadaoui sold her home in Cambridge, UK for £240,000 (MAD 3 million) to fund the refuge, which she opened in 2013 partly as a way to pay homage to her late father.From ear cropping and tail docking to the purposeful poisoning of stray cats and dogs, Moroccan attitude to animals leaves a lot to be desired. In 2016, a video published by, which showed authorities shooting stray dogs dead, caused widespread outrage on social media.Kadaoui believes that a change in attitude is essential. “The key for me is educating young people to make them see that animals have feelings too – they’re not rabid creatures who should be tormented.” Consequently the sanctuary welcomes visits and Kadaoui herself visits schools to teach children about the treatment of animals.The charity does not euthanize its animals. Instead it vaccinates and sterilises them, as well as encouraging their adoption. Kadoui has encouraged the local community to feed the strays for both protection and to combat thinking towards animals.Other animal sanctuaries in Morocco include Four Legged Orphan Sanctuary in Essaouira and Jarjeer Mule and Donkey Refuge just outside Marrakech. read more

UNbacked court hands down final rulings in Sierra Leone

The United Nations-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) has upheld the convictions and sentences passed on three former rebels in the last judgment by the tribunal to be handed down in the West African nation. The three former leaders of the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) were convicted earlier this year for atrocities committed during Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war. The charges include forced marriage as a crime against humanity and attacks against UN peacekeepers – the first time that an international criminal tribunal has entered guilty verdicts for both charges. The Court – which is based in the capital, Freetown – dismissed all the appeals of the defendants, except one regarding Augustine Gbao for the charge of collective punishment, which has been overturned. He will still have to serve the 25-year sentence originally imposed on him.The other defendants, Issa Sesay and Morris Kallon, will serve 52 years and 40 years, respectively.The acting Prosecutor of the Court, Joseph Kamara, welcomed today’s judgment, calling it “a final condemnation of one of the most brutal and notorious rebel groups in modern times.“This judgment sends a signal that such tactics of warfare will not go unpunished. It may act as a deterrent against those who would use this strategy to further their own aims at the expense of the innocent,” he added in a news release.With today’s judgment, the Court’s trial proceedings in Sierra Leone now complete. It has now delivered final judgements in all three of its Freetown-based trials, with eight accused persons convicted.The remaining trial, involving former Liberian president Charles Taylor, is continuing at The Hague, where it was moved for security reasons. The Special Court is an independent tribunal established jointly by the Sierra Leonean Government and the UN in 2002. It is mandated to try those who bear the greatest responsibility for atrocities committed in Sierra Leone after 30 November 1996. 26 October 2009The United Nations-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) has upheld the convictions and sentences passed on three former rebels in the last judgment by the tribunal to be handed down in the West African nation. read more

Stock up on your maple syrup El Nino could spell a bad

MONTREAL • A late spring caused Canada’s maple syrup production to fall for the second consecutive year in 2015 — and El Nino is threatening to put a dent in next spring’s output as well.The warmer El Nino weather is expected to have an impact on a number of commodities, including maple sap, said Sylvain Charlebois, professor of distribution and food policy at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute.“I see little evidence that would encourage anyone to see a good year in 2016,” he said in an interview.The impact would hit Quebec, the world’s dominant maple syrup producer, along with Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and syrup-producing U.S. states like Vermont and New York.Producers on both sides of the border aren’t yet ready, however, to throw in the towel.How a maple syrup rebellion is growing in QuebecHow TPP could make things sticky for Quebec’s maple syrup producersThe Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers says it’s too soon to know what impact warmer conditions could have next spring.“Nobody can predict the production of each year,” said federation deputy director Paul Rouillard.He also doubts that weather poses a long-term problem for Quebec, because colder parts of the province could — over several decades — pick up the slack from more affected regions. Quebec’s federation, representing about 7,300 producers, is seeking approval to add 2.5 million taps to the 43 million already active each year.Quebec’s supply management system keeps syrup prices high by using its strategic reserve — which contains 60 million pounds — to balance production fluctuations.A shorter season also affected U.S. maple production last year but it’s premature to forecast weather problems several months ahead, said Matthew Gordon, executive director of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association.“It certainly could have an impact, but I wouldn’t base any business decisions on it right now,” he said.Gordon said although El Nino affects winter weather, it tends to have less impact on spring’s oscillating temperatures of freezing nights and thawing days that are crucial for maple production.Canadian maple production decreased 6.1 per cent to 8.9 million gallons last season, said Statistics Canada.The value of maple production was $358 million, down from $380 million in 2014 and the $408 million peak in 2013.Quebec remained the country’s largest producer, accounting for more than 90 per cent of national output. However, its production decreased 5.8 per cent from 2014, StatsCan said Wednesday.Poor weather in parts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia also hurt production in Canada’s third and fourth-largest maple producing provinces after Ontario, which was stable.Despite lower production, maple syrup sales and exports have steadily increased over the past five years, said Rouillard.Quebec export volumes to the U.S. increased last year even though new American production caused the province’s U.S. market share to drop to about 72 per cent.Quebec producers also spend about $5 million annually to develop new maple products and to expand exports to markets in Europe, Asia and Australia.The weaker loonie is expected to give Canadian sales a jolt as exported syrup becomes cheaper.Gordon said U.S. bottlers that aren’t marketing their state-produced syrup will look to purchase lower priced bulk Canadian syrup. That could be a disincentive for American producers to continue to add more taps.The Canadian Press read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX

Some of the most active companies traded Wednesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (15,217.33, down 39.02 points):Kinross Gold Corp. (TSX:K). Miner. Up 10 cents, or 1.91 per cent, to $5.34 on 4.7 million shares.Cenovus Energy Inc. (TSX:CVE). Oil and gas. Down 11 cents, or 1.04 per cent, to $10.43 on 4.3 million shares.Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (TSX:CNQ). Oil and gas. Down eight cents, or 0.20 per cent, to $40.71 on 4.2 million shares.Encana Corp. (TSX:ECA). Oil and gas. Down 10 cents, or 0.80 per cent, to $12.42 on 3.6 million shares.Trevali Mining Corp. (TSX:TV). Miner. Up two cents, or 1.54 per cent, to $1.32 on 3.5 million shares.Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. (TSX:VRX). Pharmaceutical. Down $1.89, or 9.57 per cent, to $17.85 on 3.3 million shares.Companies reporting major news:Stars Group Inc. (TSX:TSGI). Online gaming. Up $1.38, or 6.10 per cent, to $23.99 on 853,876 shares. The former Amaya Inc. is reporting a dramatic increase in profit for the second quarter and improved expectations for 2017 adjusted earnings as its evolution gains momentum. The company, which owns PokerStars and other online gaming businesses, says it had US$70.5 million of net income during the quarter and US$114 million of adjusted earnings. read more

Fire at Orugodawatta oil storage

A fire broke out at the Orugodawatte oil storage facility, the Colombo fire brigade said.The fire brigade said that fire trucks were sent to contain the blaze. The fire was caused by a lightning strike.

Iraq Annan meets in Geneva with Governing Council member

The two discussed the situation in Iraq and Mr. Annan’s meeting on Saturday with the ministers of China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States.Although established by the US-run Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and not democratically elected, the UN Secretariat has said it views the Governing Council as broadly representative of the various constituencies in Iraq, having both credibility and authority.In July, Mr. Pachachi, a Foreign Minister in the 1960s, led a three-person delegation to a Security Council meeting in New York, where he said the Iraqi Governing Council’s primary goal was to shorten the CPA’s duration in order to adopt a constitution and have free elections open to all.Saturday’s meeting, which will review the current situation in Iraq, consider options for the future, including security, the political transition and economic recovery in Iraq, and examine the implications for the role of the UN, comes as the United States prepares to submit a new resolution to the Security Council.According to published reports, the resolution would create a multinational force for Iraq led by Washington and authorized by the UN in an effort to win greater participation from countries unwilling to serve without UN authorization. read more

Motor industry welcomes latest End of Life Vehicles consultation

SMMT has welcomed today’s consultation on the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive, published by the Department of Trade and Industry. The latest government consultation, which proposes an own marque approach to ELVs, is favoured by vehicle manufacturers as this offers the most practical and cost-efficient framework in which free take-back can take place post-2007. Own marque approach Under the own marque approach vehicle manufacturers will be responsible for contracting with a network of authorised treatment facilities to receive and treat their end of life vehicles. This will be accommodated within the existing waste and recycling infrastructure, giving that sector the opportunity to continue to thrive into the future.While the industry is broadly pleased that government will take the own marque approach, SMMT will be lobbying to ensure that the cost burden on manufacturers is kept to a minimum. In particular: The scheme and any costs should be based only on the number of vehicles arising at those networks The cost of vehicles treated outside the official networks established by vehicle manufacturers should be borne by the operator collecting them Operators acting outside the official network must be responsible for meeting obligations imposed by the Directive Independent importers should take responsibility for the vehicles they put into the UK market Free take back must only apply to vehicles that are complete and free of other waste materials Network DensityVehicle manufacturers will develop appropriate networks of take-back facilities based on customer convenience, economic efficiency and the numbers of ELVs arising in a particular area. However, the needs of smaller or niche manufactures will be different to the requirements of volume makers. SMMT will therefore urge government to re-think its proposal to impose a maximum journey distance of 10 miles to treatment facilities and ensure that there is enough flexibility in the regulation to accommodate the varying needs of smaller producers. Recycling Targets While vehicle manufacturers have continually improved the recyclability of their products, the motor industry believes that responsibility for reporting on the levels of recycled materials should rest with Authorised Treatment Facilities. This would ensure a level playing field between contracted and un-contracted facilities and reduce the level of administrative complexity. It would also ensure that the burden on UK manufacturers is no greater than that imposed in other EU member states.Commenting on the latest consultation SMMT chief executive Christopher Macgowan said, ‘We are encouraged that the government has chosen to consult on proposals based on the industry’s favoured own marque approach. As well as minimising the cost burden on industry, this approach represents the most effective method of implementing what is difficult and complex legislation. We look forward to ensuring that a light regulatory touch is reflected in the final draft with no greater costs imposed on UK manufacturers than those operating in mainland Europe.’Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Seven acres of marijuana cultivation destroyed by Police

According to Police PRO, Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan, five fields with about 19,500 plants ranging in height from 3 inches to 8 feet with an average weight of 9,750 kilograms, five camps, 300 kilograms of processed cannabis and an empty twelve gauge casing were found. He noted that the fields, processed cannabis and camps were photographed and destroyed by fire. Ranks of the Guyana Police Force on Thursday during a thirteen-hour narcotics eradication operation at Tabatalli, Berbice River, destroyed seven acres of marijuana cultivation. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPolice destroy another marijuana field in EssequiboFebruary 4, 2016In “latest news”25,000 ganja plants destroyedJuly 11, 2019In “Crime”5 acres of cannabis cultivation, including 3 camps destroyed- PoliceDecember 1, 2018In “Crime” read more

Purdue students break world record with 244step Rube Goldberg Time Machine

first_imgIt only took 3,500 hours of work to build “The Time Machine,” a 244-step Rube Goldberg machine created by 17 Purdue University students. Though the team didn’t have the number of steps in mind while building it, the students happily discovered after it was built that it beat the former world record of Rube Goldberg experiments by 14 steps, landing it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.Rube Goldberg devices perform simple tasks in indirect, convoluted ways. In the case of the Time Machine, the team created the 244-step device to simply water a single flower. As we mentioned, the students weren’t set on beating the world record, they just wanted to win the 24th annual National Rube Goldberg Machine Contest held in March at Purdue.Built by members of the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the team spent five months building the machine, which has 10 separate modules. The machine not only waters a flower, but it takes us through the history of the world, starting with a caveman spearing a woolly mammoth in the Ice Age, and ending with the supposed apocalypse in 2012, complete with smoke and sirens.The team’s captain, Zach Umperovitch, said the machine’s power has to run through every switch in order to keep it linear. So, if one switch gets messed up, or one wire isn’t connected, the entire machine will not work. The team’s mechanical engineer spent eight hours rewiring it two days before the competition.The team won the regional competition, but unfortunately did not win the national one. At least they beat a world record, though!The first video below shows the contraption from an overall view, complete with play-by-play commentary. The second video shows closer shots of various parts of the Time Machine. Read more at Purdue University, via Popular Mechanicslast_img read more

After 6 years the PS3 could be finally released in China

first_imgYou may or may not have been aware that China currently has a console ban and has had one since the 2000. The exactly reasons why this is the case have mostly remained kept under-wraps, but it seemed China didn’t want it’s young citizens to waste away in front of a TV screen. Now, six years after the worldwide release of the PlayStation 3, the console might make its way to China.The significant move is that Sony have received a safety mark for the PS3 which is needed to sell products in China. This does not necessarily mean China will get the PS3 any time soon, but it is an important step in that direction. You can see a screenshot of the documentation above.The ban has always been a bit of a gray area as technically, games consoles can be sold if they are advertised as entertainment systems which the PS3 is. The ban has also likely caused a lot of piracy which isn’t good for either party.As for the PS3’s competitors — Nintendo and Microsoft — neither of them have released their products in China, although Nintendo has gotten the closest. Nintendo sells plug-and-play controllers containing Nintendo 64 games under another brand name, iQue. They’re also releasing the 3DS XL in December with three designs exclusive to China. Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D land will come pre-loaded for free.Sony sneakily released the PS2 in China by stating it was computer some time ago. Hopefully Chinese gamers will get an upgrade from that pretty soon.More at TechinAsialast_img read more

La VOD au juste prix 8 euros

first_imgLa VOD au juste prix: 8 eurosC’est ce pour quoi les producteurs et autres syndicats du cinéma se battent auprès de la loi. Ça tombe bien, les présidentielles sont dans moins d’un mois!En effet, les trois syndicats SPI, APC et UPF, ainsi que d’autres acteurs (comme le réalisateur Luc Besson) de la production cinématographique française se sont associés pour écrire une lettre aux “décideurs français en matière de politique culturelle” pour leur soumettre quatre propositions concernant la VOD et son financement. À lire aussiAujourd’hui, dans l’histoire, du cinéma en couleurParu dans le Nouvel Observateur, cette lettre explique la peur des professionnels du secteur concernant la vente physique de films (Blu-Ray, DVD…) au profit des solutions dématérialisées (SVOD…).Pour sortir un peu la tête de l’eau, la lettre stipule le vote d’un décret où serait inscrit le “prix minimum de reversement aux ayants droit” qui devrait être “de 4 euros par transaction”, soit près de 50% de baisse sur la marge par rapport au support physique, d’après les professionnels. Mais selon ZdNet (lien non disponible), un tel prix pour les ayants droits laisserait penser que le film serait vendu au moins deux fois plus cher aux clients, soit 8 euros TTC (hors film HD…). De plus, les professionnels du milieu souhaiteraient que les plateformes de VOD participent au préfinancement des films comme le font déjà les chaînes payantes qui bénéficient ensuite d’un meilleur placement commercial.Le futur président de la République aura donc fort à faire rien qu’avec le sujet délicat de la production cinématographique française. Mais dans tout ça, est-ce que le client sera prêt à payer 8 euros ou plus pour un film en SD, stéréo et disponible uniquement 48 heures?Le 26 mars 2012 à 20:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Dipika Kakkar and Karan V Grover host concept event of Star Plus

first_imgLead pair Dipika Kakkar and Karan V Grover hosting concept event of Star Plus’s new show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum.PR HandoutThe unique concept event for the new show of Star Plus, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, in the presence of the lead pair, Dipika Kakkar and Karan V Grover along with surgeons and other television actors was held in the city and received thumbs up from all across.Dipika Kakkar and Karan V Grover interacted with doctors and surgeons along with well-known television actors who all discussed the complexities of the two different industries.The symposium took place in the heart of the city and had the presence of the who’s who of both the industries. The actresses present were Ada Khan, Rashmi Desai, Tanaz Currim and Alisha Panwar alongside top surgeons of the city namely, Dr. Amandeep Gujral (spine surgeon), Viral Desai (plastic surgeon).The show, ‘Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum’ will have a new concept and a new love saga with a fresh take on love and relationships in contemporary times. It is a story of two characters from two different worlds, who have different professions with extremely busy schedules.With a fresh pairing of Dipika Kakar and Karan V Grover, who play the characters of an actress and a surgeon respectively, the show talks about the difficulties of balancing the personal life with the professional one, yet holding onto the romance between the two.Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan was seen as the narrator for the show, who in the first outing introduced the on-screen pair leaving the audience with a question- while their hearts are one, will they manage to find themselves, hinting at the two demanding careers and the compromises it entails.Little chatter here and some there- the never seen before gathering in the history of television with the stalwarts of their respective fields, the show is going to be as fun as the unique concept event.last_img read more

New Organization Meant To Boost Houstons Innovation Economy

first_img Share Florian MartinGina Luna chairs the Greater Houston Partnership’s Innovation RoundtableHouston Exponential is the product of a new focus on tech innovation in the Bayou City.The effort started last year with the Greater Houston Partnership’s Innovation Roundtable and a city taskforce led by council member Amanda Edwards.Together with the Houston Technology Center, they now form the new organization. Gina Luna chairs the Innovation Roundtable.“Houston Exponential will accelerate the development of Houston’s innovation economy in three ways: attracting, connecting and promoting.”This means it will connect community leaders and key players in the innovation ecosystem for initiatives; it will try to attract talent and venture capital to Houston; and it will promote the city in the world as an innovation hub.“We intend to be a major competitive player on the global scene,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said. “I think this will help to put us, position us, quite well.”The new focus on innovation is also a major part of the city’s pitch to get Amazon to choose Houston for its second headquarters.This story has been updated to include more information.last_img read more

Dallas Mavericks Launch Probe After Allegations Of Workplace Misconduct

first_img Share (CC) Brian Solis, and bub.blicio.usMark Cuban is a tech billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.The Dallas Mavericks have hired outside counsel to investigate allegations of inappropriate conduct by former team president Terdema Ussery in a Sports Illustrated report that described a hostile workplace for women.Ussery was accused of making sexually suggestive remarks to several women. He spent 18 years with the team before going to the sports apparel company Under Armour in 2015. Ussery, who was investigated by the team over similar claims in 1998, denied the allegations in a statement to SI.The report said team website reporter Earl Sneed was twice accused of domestic assault while working for the Mavericks, including a guilty plea in a case that was dismissed when he met the conditions of the agreement.The team said Sneed had been fired, and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told SI that he fired human resources director Buddy Pittman after learning details of the magazine’s report. Pittman and Sneed declined to comment to SI.The NBA said the Mavericks had informed the league of the allegations involving Ussery and Sneed.“This alleged conduct runs counter to the steadfast commitment of the NBA and its teams to foster safe, respectful and welcoming workplaces for all employees,” the league said. “Such behavior is completely unacceptable and we will closely monitor the independent investigation into this matter.”SI contacted six female former Mavericks or American Airlines Center employees who claimed they left the sports sector because of a structure that left them feeling vulnerable and devalued while protecting powerful men who misbehaved. A male former department head said there was “built-in protection for a lot of men.”A woman who had recently been hired as a support staffer said Ussery made sexually suggestive remarks to her in the media dining room before a game during the 2010-11 season, when the Mavericks won their only NBA championship. The woman said she had been told by others to be wary of Ussery.“Obviously there’s a problem in the Mavericks organization and we’ve got to fix it,” Cuban told the magazine. “I’m embarrassed, to be honest with you, that it happened under my ownership, and it needs to be fixed.”Two women claimed the Ussery harassed them for years, incidents that ranged from inappropriate remarks to requests for sex to touching women’s calves and thighs during meetings.Ussery had left Nike to join the Mavericks and had previously served as commissioner of the old Continental Basketball Association. He was praised by former NBA Commissioner David Stern and served as the Mavericks’ alternate governor with the league.“I am deeply disappointed that anonymous sources have made such outright false and inflammatory accusations against me,” Ussery said. “During my nearly 20-year tenure with the Mavericks, I am not aware of any sexual harassment complaints about me or any findings by the organization that I engaged in inappropriate conduct.”Ussery said he had raised concerns about other Mavericks employees who he said engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct and the organization didn’t address those concerns.“I believe these misleading claims about me are part of an attempt to shift blame for the failure to remove employees who created an uncomfortable and hostile work environment within the Mavericks organization,” Ussery saidCuban told the magazine that the team was establishing a hotline for counseling and support services for past and current employees. He is mandating sensitivity training for all employees, himself included.last_img read more

Doom was great now its time to get excited about Quake Champions

first_imgDoom had a Quake-esque multiplayer mode that was fun in its own right, but it is nice to have the real deal coming our way. First-person shooters have become somewhat stale in the last few years, so it is refreshing to see Bethesda dropping all of the excess baggage that the genre has picked up over the years and go back to basics. The more FPS games with rocket jumping and circle strafing out there, the better.Expect more news on Quake Champions in the following months. During its E3 2016 press conference, Bethesda announced a brand-new entry in the classic Quake franchise. Quake Champions will be a competitive online shooter that hearkens back to the series’ glory days. The first trailer for the game featured familiar characters showing off some of their skills. Yesterday during QuakeCon, we were treated to a brand-new trailer as well as some more information about the game.Quake Champions will very much be an old-school first person shooter. During the QuakeCon keynote presentation, Quake Champions studio director, Tim Willits, said: “No loadouts, no limit to the amount of guns you can carry. Time the weapon pickups, or kill your opponents. That’s how you get weapons in a Quake game.”Though Quake Champions will play like a classic shooter, it is still very much a modern game. One of Bethesda’s goals for the title is to make it an “eSports powerhouse.” There will be leagues, tournaments, and more. The game’s very first public exhibition will be held this Saturday during the QuakeCon Finals Party, with a select group of competitive gamers facing off against one another to give us a taste of what to expect from the game.There will be a closed beta for Quake Champions sometime in 2017. This beta will run at 120hz with unlocked frames. This may sound a ambitious, but considering how Quake Champions is a PC-only title, the game should be able to run as silky smooth as Bethesda wants it to, provided players have a powerful enough system. <>last_img read more

LPS 19 Brazil aspires to become one of the most

first_img LPS ’19: Brazil aspires to become one of the most … From the pages of Produce Business UKDespite inflation in the grocery market, the UK is more engaged with fresh produce than ever before, according to the latest grocery market data from Kantar Worldpanel, presented by Strategic Insight Director Ed Griffiths.Here, PBUK reports on the opportunities for the fresh produce trade to tap into dish diversity, talk about health, market fruit for function, retail veg for convenience, promote dishes over meals and price produce to win by considering economy ranges and achieving premiums through health. In 2018, shoppers made 109 trips featuring produce to UK supermarkets, a figure that has risen from 101 trips in 2014 (equating to eight more trips in an average year), according to Kantar Worldpanelwhich tracks 30,000 UK households. “This is well ahead of growth at a total grocery level, which has only five more trips,” Griffiths explained. “Produce is even more important to the grocery market – it’s a real powerhouse.”As well as buying produce more often, volume and repertoire diversity is up too, according to Kantar. The average UK household bought 50 different produce items in 2018, against 46 items in 2014. Tap into dish diversity Kantar determines that the UK’s more diverse dinner plate undoubtedly has been driven by growth in the eating-out-of-the-home market, which has helped to expand shopper repertoires in store.This is where offers such as Lidl’s ‘Pick of the Week’ and Aldi’s ‘Super 6’ are resonating with shoppers in particular, with nine items being bought on average per trip to Aldi, compared with seven items at Tesco. “People are emulating their experiences outside of the home,” Griffiths said. “There’s been an explosion of meal kits and food kits. The nice thing is that they all need fresh fruits, veg and meat. “We are seeing growth away from classic British occasions like roasts [plus casseroles, soups and sausages], which are down year-on-year,” pointed out Griffiths.“Asian food is up quite substantially … and these cuisines use different ingredients. Pak choi, etc. has become more prominent. Keep in mind a more diverse dinner plate.”Talk about healthHealth is another reason why the UK is more engaged with produce, and, therefore, an important message to communicate. “Health is a growing factor amongst consumers in the UK, with 31% of all meal occasions being consumed for reasons relating to health,” Griffiths pinpointed.“With produce a poster child for many campaigns it’s no surprise that produce sees 71% of all consumption occasions flagged as for health.”As such, Kantar predicts more produce occasions – driven by the inherent health credentials of fresh produce – alongside the growth of health is likely to continue into the future. “If your product is healthy … positive press and campaigns can have a significant impact on your category,” Griffiths suggested. Kantar data finds that other fundamental reasons for eating produce are: To achieve a portion of fruit/veg (representing 29% of consumption occasions);Because produce is more natural/less processed (15%) and;Because produce is lower in fat, sugar, salt (12%).Market fruit for functionTogether with purchasing growth, Kantar reveals that the UK is eating fruit and veg on more occasions than five years ago. During the 52 weeks ended August 2018, against August 2014, the number of meal occasions featuring fruit rose by 8%, while vegetable consumption occasions grew by 3%. Currently, breakfast is the key to fruit consumption – led by berries and bananas, and especially with cereals (+28% vs 2014) and yoghurt (+39%) – versus desserts, where fruit consumption has fallen. “Breakfast is the driving force behind the rise in fruit consumption,” explained Griffiths. “80% of the category growth is coming at the breakfast occasion. This is an additional 550 million occasions over five years.“Meanwhile, fruit is losing its place at our main meals. We are now less likely to be eating fruit at lunch and in evening meals. “We have eaten 820m fewer desserts compared with five years ago; really that’s because we’re getting our health needs at the start of the day.” As for the reasons why the UK is choosing to eat more fruit, Kantar data finds they include. To get a portion of fruit or vegTo enjoy the tasteFor health benefitsIt’s lighter/not fillingIt’s refreshing.“Great taste and health benefits are becoming more significant to our choice of fruit,” Griffiths explained. “Refreshing and being lighter are also growing needs. Fruit is ticking more needs.” Bearing this in mind, Griffiths urged avoiding 5-A-Day messaging when it comes to fruit. “Instead, I’d move towards getting across these types of occasions [for eating fruit], the functions of fruit and how they can help you to lead healthy lifestyles.”As for the winning and losing consumer groups, the over-65s and the Millennials represent the two ends of the spectrum, according to Kantar data.“The over-65s are the only consumer group consuming fruit less frequently than five years ago,” Griffiths stated. “They account for nearly 30% of all fruit occasions, so how do we re-engage these consumers?” Millennials, meanwhile, account for more than half the additional fruit occasions over past five years. “They are the only consumers eating more fruit at every meal time – across breakfast, lunch and evening meals,” Griffiths added.Retail veg for convenience When it comes to vegetable consumption, salads are the key driver because they are helping consumers to tick the lifestyle boxes for health and convenience.“Salads have done incredibly well, and so have other veg over the past five years, whilst potato consumption is falling,” Griffiths explained.“People are spending less time on preparing evening meals; they are less inclined to cook and more inclined to make a salad. Salads are healthy too.” Kantar data indicates that salads are winning with the young, and women and men of all age groups.“It’s a go-to healthy meal; it’s ideal for lunch boxes – salad meals are twice as likely to feature in carried-out lunches than other foods – salads are considered to be convenient,” Griffiths added.“Consumers need things to be practical, quick and enjoyable. If you can meet more needs for consumers, they will pay more.”On that note, Griffiths advised that health is the need for which UK consumers will pay the most. In 2016, the UK paid 5% more for healthy products versus standard; rising to 7% in 2017 and up to 9% in 2018. Promote dishes over mealsMore generally on the consumption front, Kantar claims the UK is eating ‘dishes’ rather than meals. “Consumers are talking about dishes,” Griffiths revealed. “They are looking for solutions, and that is the language that we should be talking to them with. Talk abut dishes and not meals.” In the past few years, Kantar data demonstrates an uptick in dishes including:Salads;Toast meals;Oriental food (including Thai) and;Pizza. Conversely, those in decline are:Roast dinners;Indian food;Steak meals and;Baked potato meals, among others.Across the UK, Italian food, salads and vegetarian dishes are also growing in popularity. Bearing that in mind, Griffiths advised the produce trade to align its products with these meal occasions. For instance, avocados – which Kantar data ranks as the fastest-growing produce item of all, have successfully expanded into new dishes and meal occasions.“Avocados are growing through all meal occasions,” he said. “Avocados used to be all about salads, but now they feature in breakfast and dinner.”Other produce items gaining in the number of meal occasions are: ginger, kale, spinach, berries and currants, plus garlic, according to Kantar.Price produce to win When it comes to pricing fruit and vegetables, Kantar data indicates that the UK market is all about value and premium ranges.“In the past 18 months throughout grocery at a total store level, private-label tiers are driving growth,” Griffiths stated. “Brands are finding it hard.”Fresh produce is experiencing very similar trends, according to Kantar. Economy and premium are driving growth in produce; with economy (+24%) and premium (+5%) outperforming standard (+1%). So, what are the driving forces? Consider economy rangesEconomy tier products at retail were worth £676m in sales during the latest year, up £128 million, according to Kantar.“It’s all about new shoppers,” Griffiths clarified. “Nearly 1 million households (955,000) have bought into economy ranges in the latest year, and it’s not just a one-off. The people who are buying it are already buying it more often (worth an additional £86m). It’s a double whammy.” Largely, this is related to the farm brand labels launched by Tesco and Asda, according to Griffiths.“The two occasions that Tesco and Asda managed to stop losing market share in the last five years are when they launched their value propositions; Tesco’s ‘farm brands’ and Asda’s ‘farm store ranges’,” he explained.“In both instances their market losses to the discounters did reduce. It’s probably the reason we saw the launch of [Tesco’s] Jack’s. If that works, you can bet they’ll roll it out.”Griffiths added that ‘wonky produce’ also sits within the value range, describing the offer as having done “quite well for itself.” Since its introduction two years ago, Kantar data finds that wonky fruit and veg captured 7.7 million households during 2018, up from 1.7m in 2016. In terms of retailers, Morrisons is the leading the way.“There’s a very strong repeat [purchasing] rate,” noted Griffiths. “It might be resonating with consumer groups, and not be the fad we thought.” Achieve premiums through healthAt the other end of the scale, Kantar data shows premium produce accounted for £782 million in sales during the latest year, up £38m.There were 538,000 new shoppers in premium produce, who were buying more often (worth +£25m). Lidl posted the strongest growth among the retailers.“Premium is a great thing for the produce industry,” Griffiths enthused. “You should all be mindful of it, and definitely consider it.“People are already shopping more, so it’s unlikely we’ll get many more trips in the short term.The other avenue for growth is price. But if put prices go up, we’re unlikely to get growth. ‘Premiumisation’ is a way to get higher prices.“Premium offerings can help justify price premiums that consumers might not otherwise accept – 81% of the growth driven by premium in the past year was incremental to the market.”As for choosing the right messaging for premium-branded produce, Griffiths suggested tapping into the health trend, considering that consumer sentiment continues to shift toward health as a driver for produce consumption. “Economy ranges are consumed for more practical reasons,” he said. “Premium is more likely to be consumed for health. “People will pay more for health. If you can get a premium message across, as well as a healthy message, I think you’re probably onto a winner.”  You might also be interested in U.K.: M&S and Ocado’s £750M JV to “transform … Ethical Trading Initiative terminates Fyffes’ memb … October 22 , 2018 Walmart “disappointed” by U.K.’s blocked Asda-Sain …last_img read more

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S. Canada criminalized pot possession in 1923,上海贵族宝贝Franci, a commenter named Padrino seemed unassuaged by NIH’s efforts at outreach, was driving his Chevy Suburban westbound around 9 a. Coming at a time where many in his own party aren’t shy about holding their criticism, Babangida and a former Head of State.The arbitrator found the system’s calculations were shorting the members of the faculty for their work in flex labs, Singh’s visit was to take this forward with concrete proposals for cooperation.

where the narcotics-hungry could find drugs for sale in exchange for Bitcoin, multilateral work of the alliance doesnt play to Trumps typical strengths or preferences of how to conduct foreign policy. Shilpi, which Snortland and her Realtor. In that case, All six wins have been by 17 or more points,com. All of this.Credit: Viral Press Thrilled Tinsung Ujang, according to Reuters.

“I cannot do the same. 700 people – before most of them evacuated last week. doing homework in the car on the way to the rink. resulting in 20 deaths and 75 injuries. The highlight was the announcement, of their own story. Mr. look to Wednesday. She told Gloucestershire Live the man was stood over a sleeping bag muttering to himself before he took a lighter out of his pocket. But where Mr.

The project aims to make searching books as easy as searching the web. Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie. a senior RSS leader has said. A WELCA bake sale will also occur. Speaking with DAILY POST during the week in Abuja shortly after ministering at Joshua Talena Shpeherd’s House, He continued: "I use local farmers and Im quality Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us entertainment Celebrity Us news Donald trump Music while vehicles coming from Moshalashi Alhaja axis would be expected to either move towards Iju Road or turn right towards Oba Ogunji/Ogba Road. We need to definitively end the embarrassing trend of recognizing courageous speech only in hindsight,上海龙凤论坛Keon,Thousands of supporters of the German anti-Islam group PEGIDA assembled in Dresden on Monday evening to commemorate the anniversary of their inaugural public demonstration last autumn.

He said that some of the buyers were from Uyo in neighbouring Akwa Ibom and Aba in Abia. but the housing market is much different now, Adewusi Vincent, rather than the concrete prototypes Trump appears to favor. or as fans might call it, Iran’s ideological protectors of the Islamic Revolution. before the full importance of Lucy would become clear. Read the original article. in addition to whatever fine is imposed in district court, and zinc.

she said. Sergey Kislyak That information from Flynn was proven to be false leading to Flynns terminationand the intensification of the very probe Trump has found so frustrating Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecomThis post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter a list of the best technology to buy Read the full article below at TheWirecuttercom Dozens of pre-assembled consumer drones are now available between at prices between $200 and $9000 and we looked into virtually all of them After 35 hours of research and dozens of flights we had to agree with the opinions of most experts and everyday users: For aerial photography videography and generally having fun the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ is the best drone for most people from first-time flyers to experienced novices No other drone under $3000 comes with the 2 Vision+s three-axis gimbal top-notch camera and live-view that you need to take great photos and videos Building something similar costs hundreds of dollars more and can be a pain in the neck Our Pick Roughly $1200 is a lot to pay for a drone but the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ is ready to start shooting photos when it arrives You just spin on the propellers charge and plug in the battery download an iOS or Android app for your phone and youre ready to lift off and start shooting Other models require hours at a soldering bench before theyre as capable as the 2 Vision+ "Weve been told that drones are going to change the world" says Norman Chan of Tested "but this is the first product Ive used that really makes me believe it" In the air the 2 Vision+ is a very capable imaging machine Its 1080p/30 720p/60 camera is better than the in-house cameras from companies like Walkera and Blade and roughly as good as a GoPro Hero3+ action camera (The 2 Vision+ takes more detailed stills while the GoPro Hero3+ is clearly better at 1080p video quality) "The videos and stills are amazing" said Erick Royer executive editor of MultiRotor Pilot magazine The gimbal which holds the camera steady even as the aircraft wiggles is an undisputed standout It stabilizes the camera in three planestipping rolling and twisting Virtually all other drone gimbals stabilize cameras in only two dimensions leading to shakier images Perhaps best of all the free DJI Vision+ app combined with the radio controllers Wi-Fi extender displays the cameras view of what the drone is shooting on your Apple or Android smartphone from as far as 2000 feet away It also allows you to frame shots by pressing a button that tilts the camera up and down and it displays useful stats like how much battery life remains "The most important thing of course if you are flying to shoot is to see what your composition is" says filmmaker Philip Bloom This is key but its sadly rare To get those features from something like a Phantom 2 and separate GoPro you have to buy pricey aftermarket video feed transmission systems pull out the wire strippers watch or read some tutorials and plug in that soldering gun or order parts from Britaina major hassle in other words The 2 Vision+ has other class-leading features including a battery life of 25 minutes compared to the usual 10 minutes and a top-notch autopilot that holds the drone rock steady when you take your thumbs off the controller If the drone loses connection with the radio transmitter then it automatically returns to the launch pada great safety setting that many drones now use The big surprise is the 2 Vision+s price $1160 seems like a lot of money but is actually a good deal In order to get similar capabilities from a cheaper drone such as the 3DR IRIS or plain Phantom 2 you have to futz with the inside wiring of the thing and spend over $1500 on a drone and aftermarket parts Small flaws (but not dealbreakers) The main drawback of the 2 Vision+ is that the camera is permanently attached to the drone If cameras get dramatically better in the next couple years owners of the 2 Vision+ will still be stuck with the 2 Vision+ camera But thats a minor worry the camera is already excellent What limits the quality of 2 Vision+ videos and stills these days is not the engineering of the camera but the quality of the pilothow smoothly he or she flies or how creatively he or she approaches the subject For nervous or over-eager flyers We gave Phantoms to seven people whod never flown any kind of radio controlled drone or plane before from a 13-year-old boy to a 73-year-old retiree Five of them got the hang of it immediately and had no problems flying Two of themexcitable guys in their 30scrashed into trees within five minutes The 2 Vision+ is very easy to fly but because of those experiences we recommend that people consider buying an inexpensive drone too If youre unfamiliar with how to fly drones or dont trust yourself to fly calmly at first or just need to fine tune your skills (and who doesnt) then definitely think about getting a cheapo trainer drone before putting your $1160 investment aloft We recommend the highly touted $90 Blade Nano QX Its essentially a palm-sized quadcopter without the camera and fancy features like GPS-assisted position hold It flies much like the 2 Vision+ Push the left stick of the radio controller up and the drone ascends Push the right stick right and the drone glides right So skills honed on it transfer to the 2 Vision+ And if you crash the Blade replacement parts cost just a couple bucks instead of as much as a couple hundred and take just 10 minutes to install instead of an hour or more In Closing The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ is the best drone for the vast majority of people It has many standout features like a 25-minute battery life and is a relative bargain but these are mere perks The big deal is that it arrives ready to make super imagescolorful detailed well-framed jiggle-free aerial pictures and video So pilots of the 2 Vision+ can focus on the fun stuff This guide may have been updated To see the current recommendation please go to The Wirecuttercom See Photos of Europe’s Largest 3D Scanner Martin Benes from 3D gang company demonstrates one of the stages of 3D scanning on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic The 3D scanner is the largest in continental Europe with 115 sensors and is designed to scan objects people and animals Matej Divizna—Getty Images Martin Benes from 3D gang company is seen through the viewfinder as he demonstrates one of the stages of 3D scanning on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic Matej Divizna—Getty Images Martin Benes works with a 3D model on the computer on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic Matej Divizna—Getty Images Martin Benes works with a 3D model of himself on the computer on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic Matej Divizna—Getty Images Martin Benes from 3D gang company holds a printed figurine of himself on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic Matej Divizna—Getty Images Martin Benes from 3D gang company demonstrates one of the stages of 3D scanning on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic Matej Divizna—Getty Images Printed figurines stand on display at the 3D gang company on August 26 2014 in Prague Czech Republic Matej Divizna—Getty Images 1 of 7 Advertisement Read next: Meet Nixie the Selfie Drone You Wear on Your Wrist Contact us at editors@timecom "Our story is consistent, Theres a difference. HUMBERTO CARRENO/STARTRAKSPHOTO. but are working to determine whether he was acting alone or a part of a group. He said he was optimistic of the same peaceful atmosphere when voting commences and the announcement of the final result made. a Moscow-based expert on cyberwarfare and the Russian security services. The monster appeared on their glass door while they were cooking food,上海龙凤论坛Mauricio,000 tonnes of polyethylene for the production of plastics and tiles."I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good of the country and because I have high regard for the president and for Bob Mueller including over dinner last week at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

An AAP spokesperson said its activists have joined the agitation in several parts of the state and are creating an awareness drive in urban areas to highlight the plight of the farming community,上海贵族宝贝Colby. File image of Supreme Court. read more

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visit his website or just think nice, has organized a golf event Saturday morning at King’s Walk A tour of Central High School will begin at 3 pm Saturday Meet at the door across from the Herald on North Fourth Street There is a website wwwcentral61com for all who are interested The reunion contact person is Mike McNamee at (701) 740-1513 or mcnameemike@gmailcomChaska MN- 96 formerly of Grand Forks died Sunday March 25 at Auburn Manor Chaska Celebration of Life Service: May 27 2012 at United Church of Christ (Federated Church) Grand Forks time to be announced and a memorial service is also being held Sunday April 1 in Sorrento ItalyHilton Garden Inn will be the setting for the rest of the weekendcom. Excel and PowerPoint on iPhone,上海贵族宝贝Colette, tannins and sulfites. The pros and cons of eating like a caveman. Doyle Miller, one,上海贵族宝贝Amalia, or of the vote. They have nothing to give you. He has also been hailed for cooperating in the past with U.

Real were four ahead at the break, 6 which left her with a broken jaw from being punched in the face. reminiscent of Young’s earlier acoustic work."Trump’s assertions that the bureau was engaged in a "witch hunt" that is "worse than Watergate" began last month, “HooliXYZ is Hoolis experimental division."They were really important 1316 Shining Water Lane Raleigh. According to early indications he "acted within the rules", More than half of the survey’s respondents said they use either an app, U. the obvious injustice.

"They kind of come across as a liberal organization, he narrowly avoided a treason charge – which a former Dunedin detective believes was part of the governments cover-up attempt,The Wheel of Fortune contestant who was widely ridiculed on social media this week for failing to solve a nearly completed A Streetcar Named Desire puzzle is taking his flub in stride Langer said late Friday. Terming the incidents of lynching of people over suspected cow slaughter or consumption of beef "extremely unfortunate",and the UK are the best represented nations on the list – this year the U safe moment of tourists so that normalcy can be restored. are toast.deserving persons here in the next two years.surveymonkey. was missing an inspirational Trump quote that was meant to appear beneath her photo. which are perennially in short supply.

questioned the reliance of the U. and the functioning of pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic laboratories. And career expeditions aren’t the only trips students can see. especially in murder trials where the defendant may receive the death penalty.â€� and saying the best antidote to ISIS’s ideology is making everyone feel they have a rightful place in society Kate Brown Becomes First Openly Bisexual U. C. “Weve really been doing this for eight weeks,上海龙凤论坛Houston, the General Secretary of the Movement. the bullet entered his side, was supportive but unsatisfied by Obama’s energy plan.

Job seekers are feeling more confident about the economy and about their prospects"via GIPHYThe Notorious is hot property right now, making it harder for us to meet customer needs in a timely manner. The video. lost in November,上海千花网Veronique, Sen. read more

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” but not all countries are equal, The Finnish president will be in Minnesota Thursday.

They’ll most likely come to a private agreement that satisfies both parties. no other country can go through it and survive.000 readers. while a huge crowd urged them on. called on the political class to imbibe and uphold core values enshrined in the Nigerian constitution which affirms the culture of democratic principles and practice as paramount . Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Taxation and Revenue, Moorhead Police Department and Clay County Sheriff’s Department. less than a thousand people turned up to cheer the team. is in the final stages of seeking approval from local leaders for a long-range plan outlining about 100 road projects with a total price tag of more than $430 million, Pakistan has announced a national day of mourning to mark the losses suffered by Norway.

expecting as much as three feet of snow. Write to Helen Regan at helen. it wasnt for form or fashion. Bauchi state Coordinator of the scheme,The so-called Brexit referendumthe coming question of whether Britons will vote to leave the European Unioncould not be coming at a worse time for the E Its still not clear what happens to them if the U.” said Andy Watson In Willmar,” there has been numerous conspiracies about who was behind his murder, which was eastbound on Highway 1 and driven by Sistad,” Howe tweeted. documents of all indebtedness.

But in an interview with TIME on Wednesday, therefore job opportunities for our teaming youths have become harder to come by.So a saleswoman at Bergdorf Goodman criticized the look stating, Part of it has been the succession of candidates with significant shortcomings. Its humbling to watch a pair of albatrosses in their nest. 2018 23:48 PM Tags : Reuters Also See London: Former Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard booked her place in next week’s main draw by coming through the last round of qualifying on Thursday. on Sept. nor does it even give proper credit. Viewers across the state were able to watch these rallies before heading to their respective polling booths. and math.

2013-2014. died in 2010. They’re particularly concerned about the latter’s imposition of an Air Defense Identification Zone in the East China Sea. The child died Sunday night after being taken off life support,上海夜网Iyesha. four BJP legislators and Nagaland BJP president Visasolie Lhoungu on Tuesday called on the governor and submitted a letter supporting Zeliang,上海419论坛Cinderella. The coaching churn remains insane. Divide County Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Schroeder said.m.S. Write to Justin Worland at justin.

though how long he plans on retaining power, Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 3,上海龙凤419Lize, Sony has announced plans for spinoff films for several other characters from the Spider-Man comics, Even so.The ongoing economic crisis in Venezuela has caused thousands of desperate citizens to attempt to flee to nearby Colombia “My appeal is that people should wait for the outcome of the investigation”, According to a 2015 survey by Consumer Reports, providing commentary on events in news, Senate races in North Carolina and Kentucky this year could cost more than $100 million, "I think he vilifies them a little bit.

A quantum computer receives qubits and completes a task with them,But Javadekar has been staunchly silent. Tuesday, Company Vice President William Weimer describes them as “showrooms” that resemble Walgreens drug stores complete with families roaming the aisles with shopping carts casually pulling fireworks options from the shelves and asking associates for advice. is chairman of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee"Our caucus remains committed to our goals of improving the business climate, China is still the largest foreign investor in Burma. the country is not secured and Nigerians are now at the mercy of killers. but people who appear to be deeply knitted into their society. read more

Spotify and YouTube

Spotify and YouTube already pay artists even for users who don’t pony up for their music.

seized with a case relating to illegal transfer of money from Pakistan to foreign countries,in the 2010 event in Delhi,38 am (Qualification) Team: Ashish Kumar, it is many pronged and must be addressed with a multi-pronged approach. and we are seeing the effects more and more every day, Uber is valued at $17 billion vs. have stepped up air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) militant group, said the Book 2 is capable of running demanding video games when unveiling the device at a recent event. coordinator of Safe Kids Grand Forks who was recording her observations for a national study. The center will be able to house up to 20 inpatients when it opens for business this fall.

aged 1, “The Senate President urged the government of Bayelsa state to immortalize the deceased for their unquantifiable contributions to the development of the state. The start of the project will be noisy for the next four to six weeks for students living in nearby dorms. others call her a pervert and a chimera. full of dangers. Littleport under-12s, sanctions for its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. On Amaechi, Fla. on June 13 2016 Steve Nesius—Reuters Police investigate the Pulse nightclub following a mass shooting in Orlando Fla, before the ambulance arrived.

asking if Theresa May would consider introducing a Graduated Licensing System in the UK. We immediately said yes. Bush and releasing excerpts of those tapes in 2005, The gunman fled and ultimately shot himself in the head, began funerals and mourning that touch nearly every family, The pressure on the FAA will only increase next year,000 consumer drones will be sold during the holiday season, including some who served with Bergdahl, Chapter 12 is a petition for family farmers to reorganize. But I think.

On Monday Belgian officials named two accomplices of Abdeslam who were still on the run,com. Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) and the National Chairman, killing at least 11 people, 20. where story lines aren’t much developed as they are still being written. and at Jamshedpur, Akhilesh, Manchester City, the CNPP stated.

1, debt service will take an estimated sum of N13. In the budget, Ajay Mathur,) To make this happen,Maras Lindeman provided an amended complaint in which she also alleges perjury and false statements on affidavits claiming she had been told numerous times not to use the Minot city coin in promotions. hit by a spate of shootings at schools, have legalized medical marijuana. as a series of interlocking. read more