St Annes Residential School survivors fight for release of documents

first_imgAPTN National NewsA group of residential school survivors were in a Toronto courtroom on Tuesday.Students who attended the St. Anne’s Residential School on the James Bay coast are fighting for the release of documents.They’re from an Ontario Provincial Police investigation in the 1990s.Survivors say those documents confirm their claims of abuse.APTN’s Delaney Windigo has the storylast_img

Air Canada denies link between Air China joint venture and new label

first_imgMONTREAL – Air Canada’s decision to label Taiwan’s capital as being part of China has nothing to do with the joint venture with a Chinese national carrier that was signed Wednesday, says chief executive Calin Rovinescu.Discussions about closer co-operation have been going on for years, long before Air Canada changed its reference to Taipei on its website after the Chinese government wrote to several airlines and western companies seeking the change.“One’s got nothing to do with the other,” Rovinescu has been quoted telling reporters following the signing ceremony in Beijing.“I’m not getting into Taipei. Today is not a day for discussions on Taipei,” he said.It’s inconceivable that Air Canada’s change of approach to Taiwan has nothing to do with the joint venture to a country that is a key part of the airline’s growth strategy, said Charles Chang, president of the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce of British Columbia.“They can’t withstand the pressure of not making a lot of money because with this deal they’re making a lot of money,” he said from Vancouver.Chang said he’s also not pleased that unlike the U.S. government, Canada hasn’t been unwilling to denounce China’s move, saying instead that it won’t intervene in what it calls a business policy.“I’m very disappointed because I’m a Canadian. Not only am I Taiwanese, I’m also Canadian.”In a letter of protest sent to Air Canada last month, Chang said listing Taipei with a CN country code signifying China is not correct and misleading to travellers.“Although officially Taiwan is the Republic of China, however as a separate political entity it is internationally referring to as TW, TWN or just Taiwan,” he wrote.Chang has said the airline could face a boycott from Taiwanese travellers on a route between Vancouver and Taipei that was started last June.Air Canada’s joint venture with Air China is expected to be phased in over the next six months.It said the agreement deepens a long-standing partnership and provides customers with benefits including range of flights, fare options, flight schedules, joint sales including corporate and marketing programs, aligned frequent flyer privileges and an overall enhanced travel experience.The airlines expanded a code-share agreement in May and implemented an expanded reciprocal lounge agreement for customers in December last year.The new arrangement comes as China is set to become the world’s largest aviation market by 2022.“Having served China for more than 30 years, and as demonstrated by Air Canada’s average annual capacity growth of 12.5 per cent over five years and the $2 billion of aircraft assets currently committed on routes between Canada and China, China is an integral part of our global network,” Rovinescu stated in a news release.Air China said its service to Canada has developed quickly and increased by nearly 18 per cent in 2017.Over the last two years China’s national carrier launched direct flights between Beijing and Montreal, while Air Canada started non-stop flights between Montreal and Shanghai.The two carriers now operate up to a total of 52 trans-Pacific flights per week between Canada and China from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal to and from Beijing and Shanghai.The joint venture solidifies a key alliance over a region of growing importance that has faced the impact of competitive pressures, said Canaccord Genuity analyst Doug Taylor.“We believe this will also serve to better rationalize the capacity between the two regions,” he wrote in a report.Follow @RossMarowits on Twitter.Companies in this story: (TSX:AC)last_img read more

Moroccan School Supplies to Increase by 30

Rabat – Moroccan families are likely to face hard times at the beginning of this coming school year as the cost of school supplies’ will increase by 30 percent, according to Al Massae newspaper in its Saturday edition.The rise is reportedly due to the decision of Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Morocco’s Minister of Industry, Trade and New Technologies, to impose a 25 percent estimated increase on paper import tax fees.Book publishing industry professionals are wary about the increase which they believe is ‘’inevitable’’ given that  the Minister anticipates imports of printing and  raw materials and paper used in textbooks, notebooks and envelopes rising. The increase will affect families costs for their children’s school expenses at the beginning of the new school year which coincides with Eid al-Adha, a religious feast when Muslims must also buy sheep.The paper price increase is expected to weaken the purchasing power of Moroccans and further hinder poor families from sending their children to school. read more

Canada Japan at odds over BC timber in TPP trade talks documents

OTTAWA — One of Canada’s most protected industries — British Columbia timber — has been targeted by Japan in the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, The Canadian Press has learned.Japan is pushing Canada to eliminate or modify the controls it imposes on B.C. log exports — a practice that is heavily restricted by the federal and provincial governments, and which drives up their cost to foreign buyers.Details of the forestry impasse with Japan are contained in documents from Canada’s Foreign Affairs department that are marked “secret” and that have been obtained by The Canadian Press.The revelation comes as Canada continues to face pressure from another TPP country — the United States — which has taken aim at the coveted supply management system that protects the country’s dairy and poultry farmers.Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that Canada would protect its supply management system while pushing ahead with the TPP because he sees that as vital of the country’s future economic health.With the October election looming, the trade impasses have implications for Harper. He has invested much political capital in various free trade talks — none bigger than the TPP — as he positions himself as the most reliable steward of the Canadian economy.But Canada has another fight on its hands with Japan over B.C. forestry, as it tries to break down trade barriers in that sector in Asia.“Canada is pursuing full tariff elimination for the forestry sector — as you know, tariffs in Malaysia are as high as 40 per cent, as high as 31 per cent in Vietnam and as high as 10 per cent in Japan,” says the April briefing note, prepared for a meeting of senior federal trade officials in Ottawa and their provincial counterparts in B.C.Japan-Canada trade talks have stalled with no meetings in sightTransPacific Partnership trade deal hopes brighten as Stephen Harper, other leaders break logjamsThe memo says talks with Malaysia and Vietnam are progressing well. Not so with Japan, Canada’s largest Asian trading partner.“Discussions with Japan are ongoing but have been difficult. Japan has very clearly linked the elimination of forestry tariffs to B.C. eliminating or significantly modifying log export controls,” the memo says. “Our efforts to delink the two continue but are becoming increasingly difficult.”B.C. exports a small percentage of its logs to foreign markets, including Japan, but must satisfy some strict provincial and federal requirements.According to one study last year by the Fraser Institute, the result of that protection scheme is that in 2011, logs sold for $74 per cubic metre on the Vancouver Log Market, while the average price for exports hovered around $108.“Although free trade in logs in not the preferred policy from a B.C. perspective, it certainly is from a global perspective,” says the institute’s June 2014 report on B.C. log policy.“Canada is currently in talks to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which includes Japan,” the report adds. “It is possible that removing all restrictions on log exports as part of a trade agreement could leverage concessions of a similar size that would benefit British Columbia and Canada.”The report proved prescient, given what is contained in the government’s own April memo, which makes clear there’s serious negotiating taking place between Japan and Canada on forestry issues.“There have been some suggestions from your officials that Canada settle for no tariff reductions from Japan on forestry products in order to protect our log export control regime,” the memo says.“This is not an acceptable outcome for Canada; it would put our competitors at a permanent advantage in the Japanese market for one of our primary exports.”A government spokesman declined comment on what has happened at the negotiating table since April.With the U.S. Congress recently granting President Barack Obama fast-track authority to negotiate the TPP, there is widespread speculation that the deal could be finalized as early as August.However, the deal will have serious domestic political implications for Harper as he seeks his fourth term as prime minister.Supply management is sacrosanct in Ontario and Quebec, and so is the forestry sector in B.C.The 12 countries in the TPP, including Canada, are Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S. and Vietnam, and they represent 792 million people with a combined GDP of $28.1 trillion. read more

Gunathilaka suspended for breaching player code of conduct

The suspension will come into effect immediately after the conclusion of the 2nd test played between Sri Lanka and South Africa.The SLC also will withhold Gunathilaka’s fee for the ongoing test match, until the outcome of the inquiry. Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided to suspend Danushka Gunathilaka from all forms of international cricket for breaching the ‘Player Code of Conduct’, pending an inquiry.The decision to suspend the player was taken following an initial inquiry conducted by Sri Lanka Cricket, after the team management reported that the player have violated the ‘’Code of Conduct’.

Bank of Canada studying issues around a central bank digital currency

CALGARY — The Bank of Canada is looking at the key questions around the design of a digital currency and the issues surrounding such an idea, a senior Bank of Canada official said Monday.However, deputy governor Timothy Lane told a University of Calgary audience that unless the risks associated with a central bank digital currency can be managed through appropriate design, the bank would not recommend issuing such a currency.“The design of a CBDC has important implications for its risk and benefits,” Lane said according to the prepared text of his speech released in Ottawa.“Some major reasons for caution about a central bank digital currency are concerns that it could become a vehicle for illicit transactions or that it could have significant negative implications for financial intermediation.”The mystery of the $2-billion Bitcoin whale that fuelled a selloffCryptocurrency wipeout deepens to $640 billion as Ether plunges 11%Bitcoin falls off another cliff as cryptocurrency slump deepensLane said the central bank uses the term cryptoassets to describe cryptocurrencies because they do not do a good job of performing the basic functions of money. The value of Bitcoin has swung wildly with it topping US$20,000 last year and now trading around US$6,000.However, Lane said, as cryptocurrencies evolve they may touch on the central bank’s core functions including monetary policy, financial stability, payments and currency.He said the Bank of Canada is not responsible for regulating cryptocurrencies, but it has been examining the potential impact on the stability of the financial system.Earlier this year, Bank of Canada senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins called on authorities to work toward a set of globally aligned policies governing cryptocurrencies. She said it was important to have a strategy on cryptoassets that was as consistent as possible across countries.Lane said that differences in regulations around the world, together with the incompleteness of regulation in many jurisdictions leaves open room for regulatory arbitrage.“Differences in the regulatory treatment of these products for controlling money laundering and terrorist financing are a particularly pressing concern,” he said.Lane noted that they do not yet pose financial stability risks, but things are evolving rapidly as cryptoassets grow in size, complexity and interconnectedness.“As the underlying technologies and the design of crypto products evolve, we need to be ready to reassess how they might affect financial stability,” he said.“Some potential aspects include the integrity of payment systems, bank business models, and the exposures of financial institutions and infrastructures.” read more

Brock radio series airing in Austria to highlight Canadian culture

A Brock Radio-produced series is hitting the airwaves overseas and receiving rave reviews for its efforts to highlight Canada’s rich culture.Catherine Parayre, Associate Professor in Studies in Arts and Culture as well as Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, has partnered with the University of Innsbruck and the Canadian Embassy in Austria to create “Kanada: Nouvelles littéraires and more.”The seven-part radio series is one of a number of initiatives launched in 2017 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre of Canadian Studies at Innsbruck.The show began April 4 and will run biweekly until June 20 on Innsbruck radio station Freirad.Each hour-long instalment features interviews in English, French and German, as well as a wealth of Canadian music between segments.“It’s all about Canadian culture, but it’s also about diversity and being able to use resources in different languages,” said Parayre, who is producing the series.Since the initial episode aired, Parayre has received a wealth of positive feedback and has been invited to speak about Canadian culture and about Brock on other international platforms.The project was born through a research agreement between Brock and the University of Innsbruck, which houses the oldest centre of Canadian studies in Europe.The centre promotes research in any discipline that has a connection to Canada.“You don’t have to be focused on literature or culture, you can be focused on biochemistry — as long as there is Canadian content,” Parayre said.That ideal is reflected in the radio show, which covers a broad range of topics in some way related to Canada.Some of the many guests featured throughout the series include Konstanze Zwintz, University of Innsbruck astrophysicist, Mark Bailey, Canadian Ambassador to Vienna, Herménegilde Chiasson, Acadian author and former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, and Phil Cormeau, Acadian filmmaker. The shows also feature a variety of Canadian authors, musicians and artists.Brock English Language and Literature Associate Professor Adam Dickinson and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures Instructor Paul Savoie will also be featured on the show, in addition to Tabitha Lewis from Brock’s MakerSpace.“It’s not just about getting people to know Canada — Canada in Austria is known,” Parayre said. “It’s about bringing together cultures, expressions and languages and sharing knowledge.”The project was made possible with the assistance of Brock Radio, which has provided Parayre use of its professional equipment and the expertise of Brock Radio Director Deborah Cartmer to produce each session.“Preparing this series has been a great experience in solidarity and intercultural and linguistic exchanges,” Parayre said. “Freirad is interested in continuing its co-operation with Brock Radio, which is very interesting for us. Scientists, professors and students at the University of Innsbruck regularly use Freirad as a platform for the dissemination of knowledge and for teaching.”The Canadian Embassy and the University of Innsbruck will archive the radio series and will use segments for promotional purposes. The series will also be archived at Brock Radio with some segments broadcast locally.“Kanada: Nouvelles littéraires and more” can be streamed online and airs live on Freirad from 11 a.m. to noon Eastern Standard Time.The first episode is available online. read more

Dont Leave Big Papi

Right now, Ortiz’s Hall of Fame odds are right on the boundary. If he decided to retire tomorrow, his current JAWS total of 42.6 would yield a 25.4 percent prediction for the Hall, about a one-in-four shot. But Ortiz is in a critical part of the curve: Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS system projects that he would add another 7 WAR (for a JAWS score of 46.2) if he played through 2019, and with that boost he would be almost a coin flip to make the Hall, with a predicted probability of 46.3 percent. Although he may not realistically be able to add that many WAR anyway — projections are an imperfect science — each small contribution boosts his chances substantially.Obviously, this methodology is a simplified way to quantify Ortiz’s Hall of Fame prospects. In addition to his prodigious regular-season achievements, Ortiz is a postseason hero who helped lead Boston to a curse-breaking World Series win. He also has the specter of a positive steroid test hanging over his record — which can be enough for some Hall of Fame voters to deny a player, regardless of his on-field contributions. So Ortiz’s case comes down to a lot more than just his JAWS total.But at this point in his career, every little bit helps. With a place in Cooperstown on the line, maybe Ortiz will reconsider his decision to retire and keep slugging away for another couple of years. At age 40, David Ortiz is off to the second-best offensive season of his long and distinguished MLB career. He’s also set to retire at the end of the year, no matter how well his 2016 season with the Red Sox ends up going.“My body, man,” Ortiz explained to Yahoo’s Jeff Passan. “My body’s pretty beat up. Remember, if you look at guys my size, they don’t last. I noticed that seven or eight years ago. That’s why I needed to start doing things right. I lost 25 pounds. I started eating better, do things better. But let me tell you: It’s not easy, man.”He makes a compelling case. But for the purposes of building a Hall of Fame résumé, Big Papi might also be making a strategic error in hanging up his spikes: A few more years of even modest production could mean the difference between enshrinement and not.To judge Ortiz’s Hall chances, I used Jay Jaffe’s JAWS score, which balances the peak and total wins above replacement for each player relative to the average for his position — in Big Papi’s case, first base. (Yes, Ortiz has spent most of his productive years as a designated hitter, but since the position has existed since only 1973, JAWS lumps Ortiz in with first basemen.) My model uses logistic regression to turn a first baseman’s JAWS score — and whether he was a known performance-enhancing drug user1This part is based on my informed judgment about whether mainstream baseball writers consider the player associated with PEDs. It also applies to only top-40 players at the position since, realistically, almost everyone below that level has a near-zero chance of getting into the Hall — so marking them as steroid users or not wouldn’t make a difference. — into a probabilistic prediction of whether he’ll be inducted in Cooperstown someday.2I also manually marked three players as certain Hall of Famers, though they aren’t yet eligible: Albert Pujols, Jim Thome and Miguel Cabrera, all of whom are well above the typical thresholds for induction. read more

South32 powers up Cannington solar PV farm

first_imgThe new 7,200-panel solar farm at South32’s Cannington silver-lead mine in northwest Queensland, Australia, is up and running, the mining company confirmed.The 6 ha, 3 MW installation is the company’s first solar installation and will help to deliver reduced greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting gas consumption with solar. Construction commenced in May.“Electricity generated from the farm will be used to supply the operation’s accommodation village and airport with surplus power used to support mining and processing operations,” South32 said.The project – which contributes to the objectives of the company’s Climate Change Strategy – is the second largest solar installation in a remote, off-grid mining operation in Australia and the first to be integrated into a gas-fired power station, according to the company.Earlier this year, EDL Energy signed a 14-year extension of its contract to supply electricity for Cannington, which included partnering with SunSHIFT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of engineering and construction firm Laing O’Rourke, to ‘hybridise’ the existing 34 MW gas plant at the site, with this 3 MW solar photovoltaic installation.It is anticipated the new solar farm will prevent between 4,000-6,000 t/y of greenhouse gas emissions.Rob Jackson, Vice President Operations at Cannington, said the operation was committed to identifying energy efficiency initiatives. “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a big part of that so I’m delighted that our Cannington operation’s solar installation is leading the way,” he said.The cost to install and operate the solar farm will be offset by lower fuel costs, according to South32. This makes it an economically viable solution for the operation.last_img read more

SCANDI STYLE Magnus Dahl to end career at age 29

The Norwegian goalkeeper Magnus Dahl announced retirement at the end of current season 2016/2017. In age 29, the member of Danish team Skjern will move back to his country with the family, where planning to find proper job based on his formal education:– Some might think that I will stop at too young an age, but I have come to a point where I am more and more think about life after handball. Now I initially complete studies, and then waiting some very exciting job opportunities, says Dahl.Dahl has great experience of playing for TOP teams in various countries. He played at Paris Handball, BM Atlético Madrid, HSG Wetzlar, IFK Kristianstad and Skjern.– It has been an incredibly exciting journey with many highlights. When I look back, I feel privileged because I have been able to live my dream handball out for some fantastic clubs. At the same time I have played with and against many of the world’s best players. I’ve met a lot of interesting people through my sports career and is grateful to those who made it possible, says Dahl, writes official website of the club. Magnus Dahlskjern ← Previous Story SEHA: Powerful RK Celje PL smash Tatran Presov at the end of regular season Next Story → Montpellier give lesson for PSG Handball in French Cup! read more

Its a full moon tonight Are you as excited as this kid

first_img OUT OF your window. Can you see the moon? (It should be a full moon tonight.)How excited does that make you?As excited as this insanely cute child who LOVES the moon? Probably not, but at least you can watch this video.How did yelling goats in pop videos become a thing?>This is the most awkward TV moment you’ll see today>last_img

Watch this 3D printer make a tiny Gothic cathedral

first_imgIf you haven’t seen MakerBot’s 3D printer in action, you’re missing out. The $1225 MakerBot Thing-O-Matic is a humble, almost DIY, looking device that can “print” objects up to 4x4x6-inches large automatically after you give it the necessary instructions and a spool of plastic.In the video above the Thing-O-Matic is time-lapsed while printing. The video doesn’t offer up any real surprises, but viewers will get a good look at the system in action as well as the end result, a small but accurate portrayal of a Gothic cathedral.The apparent simplicity of the Thing-O-Matic belies just how incredible of a product it actually is. After all, what else out there, for under $1500, can do something like this? You might not have any use for tiny plastic churches, but we see people making all sorts of more practical things as well, like coat hangers and bottle openers. And all of them are made exactly to the designer’s liking and on demand. Many of them even use open source instructions so that you could download the plans for, say, a chess set, and be playing the a game not long after.via Makerbot Bloglast_img read more

Met Éireann issues Status Yellow snowice warning from tonight as temperatures to

first_img Image: Sam Boal via Source: Met Éireann/Twitter 64,298 Views Image: Sam Boal via Met Éireann issues Status Yellow snow-ice warning from tonight as temperatures to drop to -1C Temperatures will drop to between 0 and 4 degrees tonight, with some frost forecast. Looking at tomorrow, Met Éireann has forecast cold and blustery conditions. Rain showers are due to hit the western half of the country in the morning, becoming widespread during the day. The forecaster said some of the showers will be heavy, with wintry showers of sleet possible. There is also a risk of snow showers over mountains and thunder, Met Éireann said. Moving on to Wednesday through to Friday, Met Éireann has forecast cold conditions with a mix of sunny spells and showers, some heavy with a continued risk of thunder. At night, clear spells are due to develop, with most of the showers retreating to western, northern and eastern coastal counties.  Wednesday will be windy, with some moderate north to northwest winds, according to Met Éireann.Winds on Thursday will be mostly moderate north to northeasterly. These will decrease further on Friday.Met Éireann said early indications for the weekend suggest that “temperatures will return close to normal and there will be a good deal of dry weather, with sunny spells”.With additional reporting from Stephen McDermott. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Updated Apr 1st 2019, 4:50 PM MET ÉIREANN HAS issued a snow-ice warning for western and northern counties ahead of a cold and wet start to April.The forecaster issued the Status Yellow alert for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Longford and Louth earlier today.The 36-hour warning is valid from midnight tonight until 12pm on Wednesday, and will see hail and sleet fall and snow accumulations on high ground. By Hayley Halpin Mist & fog patches will clear this morning & many areas will be dry for a time, but some scattered showers will occur. A band of more persistent rain will move in across Connacht & west Ulster later this aftn & early this eve, extending southeastwards later, but becoming patchy.— Met Éireann (@MetEireann) April 1, 2019 Status Yellow Warning issued for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Longford and Louth.Valid from 00:00 hours Tue, 02-Apr-2019 to 12:00 hours Wed, 03-Apr-2019— Met Éireann (@MetEireann) April 1, 2019 Short URL 11 Comments The forecaster revealed that it’ll be a cold start to the month, with persistent rain set to move across Connacht and west Ulster this afternoon and early this evening.Tonight is expected to be very cold with clear spells and showers, mainly in the western half of the country, as temperatures drop to between -1 and 3 degrees. Source: Met Éireann/Twitter Share101 Tweet Email3 Apr 1st 2019, 7:52 AM Monday 1 Apr 2019, 4:50 PMlast_img read more

Greeks sometimes have a short memory they spoke about us in that

first_imgThe Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne’s west is once again preparing to host an epic telethon on World Refugee Day to raise much-needed funds to provide shelter, healthcare, and food aid for thousands of refugees. Following their impressive achievement last year, more than doubling their target with a whopping $236,000 raised on the day, this year CEO Kon Karapanagiotidis and the team are setting their sights even higher; aiming to raise $300,000.The money will be put towards the centre’s even bigger winter goal.“We’re trying to raise enough money to be able to provide 55,000 nights of housing for people seeking asylum who would otherwise be homeless. We’re trying to find enough money to feed another thousand people come Christmas time per week, who would otherwise be destitute and hungry. And we’re also trying to fund formal social workers that would allow us to be able to provide the critical care that we need and want,” Mr Karapanagiotidis told Neos Kosmos.The telethon is aptly run on World Refugee Day, Tuesday 20 June, in a bid to raise awareness, encourage compassion, and get people engaging with an issue that the CEO says has “wrongly been politicised”.“Refugees have been demonised and we’re trying to humanise the issue and get people to engage in it in the way that it should be engaged – which is it’s a humanitarian issue. We have a moral duty and an obligation to try and save the lives of as many people as possible and together create a community of welcome and inclusion and support for refugees,” he said.The telethon thus far has an impressive line-up of local celebrities and media personalities taking part as volunteers, who Mr Karapangiotidis says were more than happy to take part. Among them are fellow Greek Australians author Christos Tsiolkas, journalist Angela Pippos, and chair of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Helen Kapalos, along with academic Dr Susan Carland, musician Missy Higgins and actor and recent gold Logie winner, Samuel Johnson, to name a few.“It’s really quite heartening; it wasn’t difficult getting those people together at all. Many of them I had never met but I can’t stress how quickly they all just said yes on the spot; people were just incredible,” he said.“In fact the worse it’s becoming at the moment with all this racism, the racism of the Pauline Hansons of this world and all that fearmongering, the more we’re seeing people wanting to donate, high profile people wanting to volunteer and lend their voice to people and to be able to put a human story to this.”The centre’s founder, who is of Greek Pontian decent, particularly urges his fellow Greek Australians to take the opportunity to recall their own migrant past and to give back.“It’s always a shame historically to see how under represented Greeks are as volunteers and donors to the ASRC. “My parents were refugees themselves; all Greeks come from a background of immigration. Our parents or grandparents all experienced racism when they came here. Greeks sometimes have a short memory; they spoke about us in that same way. They spoke about us as a problem, as a threat, as a burden.”The telethon will run over the course of 18 hours, with lines opening at 6.00 am until 12 midnight, and will be streamed live throughout the day via social media.“We’re going to be going non-stop, it’s going to be amazing,” Mr Karapanagiotidis said.“By people donating on that day and calling us they can keep people safe from hunger, and homelessness, and give people hope. Also send a message of welcome which in a time like now is more important than ever before.”Lines open on Tuesday 20 June at 6.00 am. To make a donation, call 1300 692 772. To follow the ASRC’s work and to catch the live stream, visit Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

PDM Butch Stewert call Election Eve allegations BOGUS

first_img#MagneticMediaNews#TCIGeneralElections Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 14, 2016 – Hours before the 2016 General Election polls open, the PDM Party and Butch Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resort International label a report charging that the two have struck some underhanded deal as ‘bogus.’Among other things, the piece which has been circulating on social media says millions are owed in gratuities for hotel workers, that the lionshare is owed by Beaches Resort, that the SRI Chairman and PDM Leaders have agreed on floating work permits and that a group of other Provo hotel owners are caught up in the alleged arrangement.The report suspiciously glorifies the PNP Administration which actually did not support Clarence Selver’s bill to pay gratuities; it exonerates Michael Misick and Oswald  Skippings as resisting SRI Boss, Butch Stewert and says the PDM received a plane load of money from Stewart.  Magnetic Media contacted Beaches today, the Resort denied the allegations and promised a formal refute.The PDM tonight issued a statement…The PNP in its last desperate attempt to salvage a dying lackluster campaign, has launched its party’s propaganda machine on the eve of elections.  We expected nothing less from this Progressive National Party that will go down in history as the most uncaring, out of touch, and ineffective Government our islands has ever experienced.In April 2016, the Peoples Democratic Movement successfully brought a Private Members Motion to the House of Assembly asking for the reinstatement of 100% gratuity which was amended by the PNP Government in 2004 that allowed 40% of the gratuity paid by guest to be retained by the Hotel Resort. Members of this Rufus Ewing led PNP Government gave reason after reason why gratuity could not be reinstated. All Government Ministers abstained from voting for this motion and this included Hon. Rufus Ewing, Akierra Misick, Washington Missick, Portia Stubbs Smith, Norman Saunders, Ruth Blackman, and Hon. Donhue Gardiner.  This is a matter of public record. All 8 members of the opposition voted yes and the motion was carried.  The PNP Government refused to implement the motion.According to PNP estimates, Beaches and other hospitality groups will have to pay over 43.7 million in undistributed gratuities to every employee over the last five years.  If this is true, Voters must ask themselves, why has the PNP Government allowed this amount to increase to such high levels these last four years? Voters must also ask themselves why did every PNP Government Minister abstaine from voting for the PDM’s Private Members Motion which purpose was to reinstate 100% gratuity?As persons in the hospitality industry live paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet, this Rufus Ewing led PNP Government ignored the issue of 100% gratuity while simultaneously increasing taxes to generate revenue on the backs of our people. This PNP Government has failed the hospitality workers and voters on a whole these past four years.We would like to remind voters that it is always the PNP Government that is known for selling out our people, and our Country to developers. This is the legacy of the PNP.The PDM categorically denies receiving $350,000 from any developer. The PDM also categorically denies making any agreements to issue any floating work permits.  If any political party or independent candidate has any evidence of any of the 52 candidates receiving funds outside the guidelines stipulated by the Integrity Commission, they should report these activities to the Integrity Commission immediately.We are focused on becoming your next Government and bringing about the positive change our Country so desperately needs.  We will not allow the slanderous attacks by our political opponents to distract us from this goal.We encourage all our supporters to go to the polls early and vote PDM Straight Down. Vote for Change. Election Observer Mission reports to Press Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #tcigeneralelectionscenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Final seat goes to new opposition party PNP Change for Turks and Caicos, PDM is New Governmentlast_img read more

Report Man United agree to sell Fellaini to Shandong Luneng

first_imgManchester United have reportedly agreed on the sale of Marouane Fellaini to Shandong Luneng with the midfielder having been spotted at the airport.The Belgium international has been strongly linked with a transfer to Chinese Super League club Shandong Luneng since Tuesday.It’s understood that Fellaini has already agreed on personal terms with Shandong Luneng, despite having only signed a new two-year contract at United last summer.Now BBC reports the Red Devils have reached an agreement with Shandong Luneng for Fellaini’s move to the Far East.The report adds that Fellaini has passed his medical and that the transfer should be finalised shortly.The 31-year-old midfielder has been at Old Trafford since the summer of 2013 after his former Everton boss David Moyes signed him for £27.5m on deadline day.Fellaini has been an ever-present figure in the United squad under Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho.The Belgian has managed a total of 22 goals and 12 assists in 177 appearances for United across all competitions.He’s also won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Europa League and Community Shield in his five and a half years at the Red Devils.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.But, amid calf injury problems, Fellaini has only played for 31 minutes under interim coach Ole Gunner Solskjaer since he was appointed on December 18.And it appears United have decided to cut their losses over Fellaini and sell up while they can still get a good price.On Thursday morning, Fellaini posted an image on his Instagram story at an airport with the caption “Let’s go” to all but confirm he’s heading over to China.Reports suggest that the midfielder is set to agree on a very lucrative deal of £200,000 per week in salary.Whether a deal is announced before tonight’s transfer deadline is unknown as the Chinese Super League deadline is set until February 28, which means neither party are in a hurry to conclude the transfer.”Let’s go”Marouane Fellaini is at an airport, could he be heading for China?#MUFC— Omnisport (@OmnisportNews) January 31, 2019last_img read more

RCB vs MI stats preview Bumrah vs Kohli and big threat for

first_imgMumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, two sides who have not enjoyed the best starts to this season, need to get their acts together in their second match at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. There are injury concerns in the Mumbai Indians camp which they need to address, while RCB need to be smart in picking a side which takes the field.If Jasprit Bumrah is fit and raring to go, his battle with his Indian captain will be where the match is potentially decided. The promos have already talked about this contest and now we take a look at the numbers. Back when he was making his IPL debut, Bumrah dismissed Kohli in his very first over. However, he has not be able to get the better of Kohli after that particular match. Kohli vs Bumrah – Who wins the contest? Jasprit BumrahNOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty ImagesKohli has faced 66 balls from Jasprit Bumrah in the IPL and has peeled off 99 runs at a strike rate of 150 and this is where the match could be decided in Bangalore this evening.Another interesting matchup would between AB de Villiers and Krunal Pandya. His record against Mumbai Indians is impressive – he has scored 511 runs at an average of 39 and with a strike rate of 138.48.However, he needs to be wary of Krunal Pandya, who has got his number in the last four innings. Krunal enjoys playing against RCB and could be the possible game breaker in the contest. In the six matches before this, Krunal has picked up nine wickets at an average of 16.56 and with an economy rate of 6.21.The record of Hardik Pandya, however, is not very good against RCB or at the M Chinnaswamy stadium. He has struggled with the ball in hand against the Royal Challengers Bangalore and is the most expensive among the bowlers with 250+ balls bowled for Mumbai in IPL. His economy of 10.13 is the second worst in IPL. Krunal PandyaINDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty ImagesUnlike Krunal, he has managed to pick up only 4 wickets in the 7 matches he has played against RCB and also has the highest economy rate at the venue. “The execution is always key no matter what plans you have. We have the best death bowler. Bumrah is the best in the world. With a guy like that, it’s okay to be off the mark in one game knowing he’s going to come back strong. He’s not one of the best for no reason. Even the others, Mitch and Hardik, I know they are going to bounce back,” Mumbai wicket-keeper Quinton de Kock said before the match.last_img read more

TxDOT Starts Work To Remake Houstons Most Congested Freeway Interchange

first_img Share Here are some nice aerial shots of the I-610/I-69 interchange project. We will be doing a lot more come 2019. Check back and make sure to let your friends and family know to follow us for updates.— HOU610at69 (@HOU610at69) December 17, 2018 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /00:45 Listen Xcenter_img Important closure coming up in early January for the 610/69 interchange project. I-69 SW Freeway SB frontage road from I-610 to S. Rice will be closed beginning in early January and remain closed until further notice.— HOU610at69 (@HOU610at69) December 18, 2018 I-69 at the 610 West Loop is a traffic hot spot in Houston. The two freeway segments that meet at the interchange top the list of the most congested in Texas, according to the Department of Transportation (TxDOT).Danny Perez, a spokesman for TxDOT, says a project the Department has already started is designed to eliminate a lot of the weaving motions that lead to crashes in the hot spot. They want to give drivers more time to make decisions before they have to merge.“You’ll have increased capacity on connector ramps for instance,” explained Perez. “So if you’re going 610 northbound to 69 going northbound you’ll have a wider connector that will be set further back.”The project includes higher and wider ramps along with other improvements. Perez says the work could take up five to six years but they’re hoping to finish sooner.“At some point in the future within the next year to two years, you’re going to see more of the main lane closures where we’re starting to hang beams,” said Perez. “But thankfully we’ve not had to do that thus far.”The work will cost about $259 million and some of it is funded through Texas Clear Lanes, an initiative to unsnarl the state’s most crowded roadways. – / 4last_img read more

Pro Golfer Takes Painful 5Putt From Inside 10 Feet Like Local Hack

first_imgGolf is a fickle mistress, and even regularly humbles pros that make living playing it. Champions Tour player – and former PGA Tour winner – Jeff Maggert found this out during the opening round of last week’s Hoag Classic when he stepped to a 10-foot birdie putt on the Par 5 18th. Me anytime I have a decent look at birdie (@frankandrus)— Total Golf Move™ (@totalgolfmove) March 9, 2019 Advertisement This is as brutal as it gets, and pretty damn entertaining. What should have been an easy 4 quickly turned into a total nightmare as Maggert repeatedly botched his way to a 5-putt like a half drunk plumber on a muni course.last_img